Funny Money (Buddy Thunderstruck)

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This is the downright version of a terrible episode

Funny Money is the 8th episode of the Netflix Original Series, Buddy Thunderstruck.


Thinking he can be a better artist than Muncie, Buddy begins making art that looks like money.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's a done right version of Get the Hock Out, another Buddy Thunderstruck episode.
  2. It's like a remake except with much sense scenes.
    • In Get the Hock Out, Buddy and Darnell steal stuff to get their stuff back, but in Funny Money, they trade stuff by using they're painting that looks like money and keep the stuff they traded.
    • The characters are still in their original personas restored in this episode, unlike Get the Hock Out which most of the characters have been flanderized due to the writing in that episode and some of the townsfolk like Nick, Leroy and Mama Possum became less of punching bags in this episode.
    • Mr. Weaselbrat gets much less filler scenes than in Get the Hock Out.
    • Cannonball doesn't appear in Get the Hock Out to arrest Buddy Thunderstruck for stealing people's stuff and bringing them to the Pawn Shop, but he does appear in Funny Money to arrest Buddy Thunderstruck for trading stuff and money forgery (although Moneybags stopped him by saying that Buddy's painting isn't really money).
    • In fact, some of the character choices are very good such as adding Hoisenberry, Jacko Valtrades and Moneybags into the episode.
    • Despite turning against Big Tex, Buddy doesn't give up being a repo men, but he does give up being an artist in Funny Money
  3. Hilarious scenes, like Buddy and Darnell making Hoisenberry sleep and Cannonball asking Leroy for a scratch ticket, only for Leroy to give him a ticket that was already scratched and told Cannonball to be more specific.
  4. The Thunderstruck cousins get a lot of character development and their relationship is still heartwarming much like Beaver Dam Fast Pizza (Muncie first started out as the same flanderization that she has in Get the Hock Out, but still has her original personality in Beaver Dam Fast Pizza and Buddy became an nice and mature cousin to Muncie once again because he learned that Muncie is discouraged over the fact that no one visited her art show).
  5. This episode is part of the interesting arc, The Belvedere Moneybags Arc.
  6. The soundtrack is smoothing and sweet.
  7. The funny ending, nuff said.