Gadget and the Gadgetinis

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Gadget and the Gadgetinis (Gadget et les Gadgetinis in France) is a French/Canadian spin-off to Inspector Gadget, and produced by SIP Animation and DiC Entertainment.


Having been recruited by an elite international peacekeeping group called the World Organization of Mega Powers (WOMP), Lieutenant Gadget (promoted from his previous position of Inspector), now fights crime with a pair of mechanical assistants called the Gadgetinis, small robot versions of the Gadget who were created by Penny and who are the unintended victims of Gadget's bumbling.

Why It Rocks

  1. The French opening song is quite fun to listen too, and has some parts from the original.
  2. Decent animation.
  3. Gadget is still the same likeable doofus as before, and has a range of new Gadgets at his side.
  4. The Gadgetinis are also quite interesting as well.
  5. Good voice acting. Maurice LaMarche still does a great job as Gadget.

Bad Qualities

  1. Chief Quimby and Brain aren't major characters in this series, which is explained in the episodes they guest-star in.
    • Speaking of Brain, he is out-of-character in the episode he does appear in.
  2. The theme used outside France while not terrible, doesn't beat the original show's theme.