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Garfield and Friends

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Garfield and Friends
Garfield and Friends.gif
"Ladies and gentlemen, Garfield and Friends!"
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22–48 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 17, 1988 – December 10, 1994
Network(s): CBS
Nickelodeon (1997-2000, TBA)
Created by: Jim Davis
Starring: Gregg Berger
Thom Huge
Desirée Goyette
Howie Morris
Frank Welker
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 121
Next show: The Garfield Show (Seasons 1 & 2)

Garfield and Friends is an American animated television series based on the comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis and run on CBS Saturday mornings from September 17, 1988, to December 10, 1994, with reruns airing until October 7, 1995. Seven seasons of the series were produced.

In addition to the segments featuring Garfield, the series also included segments featuring the characters from U.S. Acres, a comic strip Davis was drawing concurrently with Garfield when the show premiered on television. Like the comic strip these were based on, the animated segments were re-titled "Orson's Farm" for viewers outside of the United States (taking the name of their main character, Orson Pig). Although Davis stopped producing new U.S. Acres comic strips seven months after the show debuted, the characters continued to appear on television throughout the show's run.

A total of 121 episodes were made, each consisting of two Garfield segments and one U.S. Acres segment, totaling 242 Garfield segments and 121 U.S. Acres segments. All episodes have been released in the United States on five DVD sets by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. The first season aired in a half-hour format before switching to an hour-length format in the second season, showing two episodes each week. During the last season, while the series was still an hour long, the second half-hour of the show featured either an episode from the previous season or one of the Garfield TV specials.

On May 25th 2016, 9 Story Media Group acquired the worldwide distribution rights to Garfield and Friends and its specials.

Why It Deserves Lasagna

  1. It was one of the few Saturday Morning cartoons of the 1980s that didn't follow the trend of being merchandise-driven or sickly-sweet characters, instead opting for a more Looney Tunes-style show with more humorous stories and sarcastic humor.
  2. Very faithful to both the Garfield and U.S. Acres comic strips.
  3. The Quickies are entertaining, cute, and funny, and some of them are adaptations of earlier comic strips.
  4. The characters are all likable and have such good spirits, including the titular Garfield.
  5. Decent voice acting, with Lorenzo Music returning from the Garfield specials to reprise his role.
  6. Entertaining humor of both the sarcastic and non-sarcastic variety, as well as good slapstick.
    • The fourth-wall-breaking humor is also pretty enjoyable and resembles a Tex Avery cartoon, with some episodes specifically devoted to breaking the fourth wall alone:
      • "Mistakes Will Happen" is a jab at the show's various errors sprinkled throughout the past episodes, but unlike the many Teen Titans Go! episodes which are made to offend the audience and critics, this one is still respectful as it's littered with many bizarre and utterly ridiculous errors, and Garfield does admit that there were errors in the episode- but not the ones we think of.
      • There's also "How To Be Funny", which is not only a satire of typical comedy tropes, but also teaches a few good examples on how to write good jokes and humor, as well as "The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy" in which Garfield grows tired of the trope that cartoon cats have to suffer and makes his own show to combat the problem.
  7. Even in this comedy-oriented show there are some heartwarming and emotional moments, especially in some of the US Acres episodes.
  8. Splendid animation and art style that captures the styles of both Garfield and U.S. Acres perfectly.
  9. The opening theme songs "Friends Are There" (for the first two seasons) and "We're Ready To Party" (for Seasons 3 to 6) are very enjoyable and fun to listen to.
  10. Many great episodes such as:

Bad Qualities

  1. The rap song used for the intro to Season 7 is kind of bland.
  2. The early U.S. Acres episodes can be a little too preachy, tiresome and mediocre compared to the Garfield skits. Fortunately, they become a lot more comedic in Season 3, and by Season 4, were outright MOCKING the older episodes, namely in "Big Bad Buddy Bird".
  3. There were some bad episodes such as:
  4. The backgrounds when zooming out can look unfinished at times.
  5. The final two seasons were when the show's quality began to dip due to the fourth wall breaks being overdone and all the side characters retiring with the exception of Nermal and Floyd.
  6. The recent Boomerang remasters of the episodes by 9 Story Entertainment is more of a downgrade with the intro horribly reanimated in Flash, unnecessary cropping on most episodes, and other episodes using a cheap TV screen border referred to as "Retrovision", making this so-called remastered version worthless. The credits are also replaced with a cheap static background with the original audio intact.
    • However, this so-called "remastered" version also applies color correction to all the episodes, which is the only good thing. Also, the original versions are being uploaded on the official Garfield & Friends YouTube channel.
  7. Desirée Goyette makes no attempt to give Nermal a boyish-sounding voice, causing many viewers who never read the original comics to think he was a girl. Fortunately, this incarnation of Nermal is MUCH more tolerable than the one from The Garfield Show.
  8. Some dubs were mediocre at best, examples being:
    • The Galego dub, suffers from piss-poor voice acting (Booker being the most infamous example, and Garfield sounding like the voice actor didn't bother at all.).



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