Gargoyles (Disney)

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Gargoyles (Disney)
We are Gargoyles!
Genre: Animation
Urban fantasy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: October 24, 1994
Network(s): Toon Disney
Created by: N/A
Distributed by: Buena Vista Television
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 78

Gargoyles is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television and distributed by Buena Vista Television, and originally aired from October 24, 1994, to February 15, 1997.

Why It Rocks

  1. One of the shows during the golden The Disney Afternoon.
  2. This show is not like any other Disney cartoon, that not even Darkwing Duck could accomplish. In fact, it's known for its relatively dark tone, complex story arcs, and melodrama; character arcs were heavily employed throughout the series, as were Shakespearean themes.
  3. Amazing animation, typical for Disney, but yet especially for the early 90s.
  4. A show about Gargoyles is one thing, but having them around in modern day (at least when the show was released, like before, in the 90s) is more original. It also combines modern-day action and medievil action.
  5. Tons of memorable characters and villains, such as Goliath, Braodway, Bronx, Wolf, Talon, and Elisa Maza. The reason why is because, major or not, all of them have strong but yet easy to remember character development.
  6. Even after the show's cancellation, it managed to get spin-offs as a form of comic books, such as Gargoyles: Bad Guys.
  7. On topic of WIR #3, the action is outstanding.
  8. All of the voice actors who are casted to their characters all seem to have the right characteristics to do so, especially Goliath.

Bad Qualities

  1. The controversial "Deadly Force" episode which had a weird anti-gun message shoved into it.
  2. Season 3 wasn't the worst season, but rather weak. This is because ABC was in production of the show and not Disney.


The show was met with favorable reviews from critics at release, but soon gained a cult following after the show's cancellation, such as cosplays and fanart. It has an 8.1/10 on IMDb.


  • Gargoyles was not only popular in the United States of America, it was also popular in Asia and in Europe (especially in Italy), too.



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