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Geography Now

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Note: This is actually a web series hosted on its own YouTube channel, hence its inclusion in this wiki.

Geography Now
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🎵 It's time to learn Geography... 🎵
Genre: Edutainment
Running Time: Varies
Country: United States
Release Date: October 15, 2014 - Present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Paul Barbato
Distributed by: Independent
Starring: Main:
Paul Barbato
Kaleb "Gary Harlow" Seaton (wildlife)
Noah Gildermaster (food)
Arthur "Art" Napiontek (sports)
"Random" Hannah Bamberg (culture)
Keith Everett (music)
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 175+ (+ 133+ fan unboxing videos & 36+ filler episodes)

Geography Now is an American edutainment web series created and hosted by South Korean-American vlogger Paul "Barby" Barbato and focuses on teaching viewers the geography, history, politics, culture, and diplomacy of a sovereign country through the alphabetical list of United Nations members using motion graphics and comedic sketches.

The series is broadcasting on its own YouTube channel and has produced 175 episodes so far as of May 5, 2022, with 133 fan unboxing videos, 36 filler episodes and its own merchandise website.

Why It's Time to Learn Geography... NOW!!

  1. The videos are very informative and try their best to give accurate information on the country they're covering through the use of motion graphics and comedic sketches.
  2. Whenever the Geography Now team is researching information on a country that's going to be covered, they ask the country's Geograpeeps (the show's fanbase's nickname) to contribute facts about the said country, showing that they are non-biased and looking for true information from the locals.
  3. Additionally, Paul will go out of his way to find Geograpeeps for the upcoming countries that are living in California (his home state) to join him and his team to co-host the episode. This shows that the show treats its fans well by giving them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to co-host an episode featuring their home country.
    • Also, if it's not possible to do so, Paul will take a trip to the said country to try out its local cuisine and film and explore its locales and culture for the episode, showing that the show is willing to go outside the box to collect research needed for the episode.
  4. If there are any errors featured in the episode, Paul will correct them in the country's Flag/Fan Friday/Day episode. This shows that the team is willing to learn from their mistakes.
  5. The transitions and special effects, while cheap and sometimes tacky, are really good and have been improving with every subsequent episode.
  6. The current cast is unique and each member has their own personality that makes the show and their individual segments interesting.
  7. The series covers the political geography, physical geography, demographics and foreign relations of every country as well as the national flag in the Flag/Fan Friday/Day segment, and have even gone further than that. It now also gives facts about which side of the road the country's citizens drive on and their plug outlets, biggest problems, culture, entertainment industry and music.
  8. The jokes and puns, while corny, are funny and nice.

Bad Qualities

  1. The acting in the skits leaves a lot to be desired although they're deliberately bad to have the videos focus on the topic instead.
  2. Some of the jokes can get tired easily due to overuse, most notably the Bob Saget jokes. Thankfully, they were permanently retired in more recent videos.
  3. The older videos aren't that good and have very bad editing and audio quality, although this was justified as Paul didn't have a proper film crew back then.


The series's official trailer
The very first episode of Geography Now
The current most-viewed episode of Geography Now
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