Ghost with the Most (Teen Titans Go!)

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Now THIS is how you should do a TTG crossover episode.

Ghost with the Most is the 29th episode of the sixth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the 290th overall episode of the series. It is a crossover with Beetlejuice.

Why it Rocks

  1. Beetlejuice is voiced by Alex Brightman, who reprises his role from the musical.
  2. A large number of references, including the things that Beetlejuice has in his way (Broadway, Hawaii and Winona Ryder, respectively), and the Titans changing their faces to look scary, the "Banana Boat Song" and even Beetlejuice having a shrunken head at the end.
  3. "Stop using the B-word!"
  4. Better animation than most other episodes of the series.
  5. The Titans (especially Robin) are a lot more likeable here.

Bad Qualities

  1. As with other episodes of the series, butt jokes are overused, specifically in the "Banana Boat Song" scene, where they are twerking.
  2. Robin's ugly face scene is pretty disgusting.
  3. While Alex Brightman is a good Beetlejuice voice actor, it would've been better if Michael Keaton or Stephen Ouimette (who voiced Beetlejuice in the 1989-91 TV series) had reprised the role.




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