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Gigantosaurus, he's really enormous!

Gigantosaurus is a French-Canadian-American CGI-animated preschool series from Paris-based Cyber Group Studios, created by Franck Salomé, Nicolas Sedel, Fernando Worcel and directed by Olivier Lelardoux. The show is based on the book by Jonny Duddle. The series premiered on January 18, 2019 on Disney Channel as part of the Disney Junior block, airing on its dedicated channel as well.

A video game developed by Cyber Group Studios and published by Outright Games is planned for release in 2020 alongside a line of merchandise from Jakks Pacific that launched Autumn 2019.


Four curious young dinosaurs named Rocky, Bill, Tiny, and Mazu go on adventures while following their herd. Rocky is the courageous one, Bill is the most timid, Tiny is the smallest yet most playful, and Mazu is the most inquisitive. The four friends look at things such as mapping the stars and searching for flowers but most importantly, they are asserting their independence and learning to do things away from the safety of the herd.

Why It Rocks

  1. The theme song is really catchy.
  2. Rocky, Bill, Tiny, and Mazu are all really likable and cute characters who each have their own unique personality.
  3. The animation is beautiful and is reminiscent of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,
  4. It stays pretty faithful to the book it's based on.
  5. It has good lessons for kids like it being okay to show your soft side.
  6. The voice acting is decent.