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Graduation on Deck (The Suite Life on Deck)

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Graduation on Deck (The Suite Life on Deck)
And we say an amazing farewell to The Suite Life franchise.
Series: The Suite Life on Deck
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 22
Air Date: May 6, 2011
Writer: Pamela Eells O'Connell
Director: Eric Dean Seaton
Previous episode: Prom Night

Graduation on Deck is the 22nd and final episode of Season 3 of The Suite Life on Deck and the 71st episode overall, as well as the series finale.


It's graduation time on the SS Tipton, but Mr Tipton has decided to sell the ship, and it's being dismantled. Moseby intervenes and everyone graduates before sadly leaving the doomed ship for the last time.

Why It Rocks

  1. This episode gets emotional when Mr. Moseby tells the students that the ship is being sold, and they only have a week to prepare graduation, so everyone does their best to spend their last moments on the ship.
  2. Hilarious moments, such as London’s overreaction to being in a foreign language class, Woody and Addison putting together the yearbook, and Arwin getting jealous of Kurt.
  3. Zack and Cody also have emotional moments, when Zack is heartbroken when Maya breaks up with him because of her not thinking that a long distance relationship would work, and when Cody found out that the Yale university rejected him but accepted Bailey, he was saddened because now he isn’t going to Yale and was going to be separated from his loving girlfriend.
  4. Carey and Kurt were good parents as always, when told the news about the boys from Bailey and Maya, they both go to their sons to help them feel better, and when they told them that the other sibling won’t go to the graduation, that got both Zack and Cody out of their rooms, and inspired each other to not worry about their problems and go to the ceremony, where they can graduate happily, with Carey and Kurt watching happily.
  5. London went from being hilarious in this episode, to getting some character growth as she finally learns Spanish thanks to Ms. Tutweiller’s help and she gets to graduate along with the rest of the students.
  6. Bailey tells Cody she wants to stay with him and is not going to Yale without him, which is sweet, and Cody convinces her to still go, saying that they will still be together, which is inspiring and heartwarming.
  7. The ceremony was great, as Cody and Bailey gave a great speech, Mr. Moesby stands up to Mr. Tipton to keep the ceremony going, which is satisfying, and a good ending where the graduates throw their hats into the air, officially graduating, all this while a great song plays, "The Next Chapter of Our Lives".
  8. Everyone get’s their yearbooks to remember the good memories everyone had, and Mr. Moesby proposes to Ms. Tutweiller, which was sweet and heartwarming.
  9. Everyone had their great and emotional goodbyes.
    • London has an emotional goodbye to Mr. Morsby, Ms. Tutweiller, Bailey, Zack and Cody.
    • Woody has a great goodbye to Zack and Cody.
    • Bailey and Cody had a great goodbye, as Cody says he’ll still visit, and will see each other soon to kick their opponents butts in a math tournament. They said they love each other and share a romantic kiss, overall a very heartwarming goodbye. She also hugs Zack goodbye before leaving.
    • Zack and Cody had a great goodbye with Mr. Moesby, saying they will miss each other, and also had a funny moment, with the twin brothers saying they will find out where he and Ms. Tutweiller will live, and will always find him, scaring him away. Typical Zack and Cody, and it’s great as always.
  10. A good and heartwarming ending where Zack and Cody depart from the ship, seeing what adventures await the duo, and seeing the yearbook with pictures of all the students.
  11. This episode was an amazing way to end the series, as well as The Suite Life franchise all together.


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