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Grandad (Bluey)

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No, it was yesterday.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 27
Air Date: 25th October 2020
Writer: Joe Brumm
Director: Joe Brumm
Run Time 7:00
Previous episode: Sleepytime
Next episode: Seesaw

Grandad is the 27th episode of the second season of Bluey.


Grandad is supposed to be resting, but when Bluey and Bingo go to visit him, he makes a run for it with the kids and takes them on a madcap adventure into the bush.

Why It Rocks

  1. like Camping, Sleepytime and Barky Boats, it's a very wholesome and heartwarming episode with a tear-jerking ending.
  2. It has a good message about that you should rest when needed and to be big and strong.
  3. Some funny moments in the episode.
    • One notable scene is when we're first introduced to Maynard, and Grandad tells him that he, Bluey and Bingo are hiding, and Maynard thinks it's because of the aliens.
  4. The setting the episode takes place it is rather pleasant.
  5. Great soundtrack, just like every other Bluey episode.
  6. The part where we see Grandad and Chilli in their younger selves at the end is also cute.


  • It was originally going to air in the 26th of October, but was pushed back to the 25th for Grandparent's Day.