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Growing Up Creepie

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Raised by bugs, bugged by homework.

Growing Up Creepie is a Canadian-American horror/comedy animated television series created by Mike Young and produced by Discovery Kids. The series premiered on September 9, 2006 to June 21, 2008 and aired one season of 26 episodes. It aired on the "Real Toons" cartoon block, along with Kenny the Shark, Tutenstein, Time Warp Trio, Grossology and The Future is Wild.


As told in the opening introduction and in the episode "Creepie Crawling", Creepie was an infant left on the doorstep of the Dweezwold Mansion, which is home to a family of various insects. The family took her in and raised her as one of their own. She must now adjust to a life surrounded by a society of insectophobic humans as she attends Middlington Middle School and keeps her home life secret in order to protect both herself and her family.

Why It Rocks

  1. Strange, but interesting Tim Burton-like premise.
  2. Creepie is a great and likeable lead character.
  3. It teaches viewers many facts about insects and other arthropods in a fun and exciting way without creeping them out.
  4. Great characters.
  5. The insect characters are great to look at.
  6. Good heartfelt and genuinely funny moments.
  7. Memorable intro and music.
  8. Great gothic-style animation.
  9. Great Tim Burton atmosphere.

Bad Qualities

  1. Just like The Future is Wild and Time Warp Trio, this show only lasted for one season and 26 episodes.
  2. While the episode Creepie Crawling shows us how Creepie got raised by bugs, we never got to see Creepie's biological parents.
  3. Some characters can be clichéd and unlikable:
    • Budge is the typical “Token Black Guy” cliché.
    • Carla and Melanie are the typical “Mean Girls” who are just there to pick on Creepie for other reason, other than to make it easy to sympathise with her.
    • Chris-Alice is very annoying. She constantly signs Creepie up for stuff at school without her consent and talks about pointless things.
    • Dr. Pappas is a bland and very boring character who isn’t really funny or charming.
    • Ms. Monserrate is a generic principal character whose only personality consists of giving students detention slips for dumb reasons.
  4. Some of the character designs can be very ugly and disturbing.