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Gumby is a clay animated franchise created by Art Clokey that first debuted on Howdy Doody in 1955.


A green clay humanoid character and his friends go on many adventures throughout a toy store.

Why It Rocks

  1. Gumby is one of the many popular characters to be added in the Dreamworks Classic Media brand.
  2. Likable and memorable characters.
  3. The toy store that it takes place in is a creative setting.
  4. The blockheads are hilarious antagonists.
  5. A great theme song that tells who Gumby is.
  6. Unique episode plots.
  7. The claymation is well done.

Bad Quality

  1. The 1950’s version had some ugly character designs, but is nothing compared to the animation in say, The Problem Solverz.
  2. The voice acting is not the best.
  3. It also spawned a mediocre movie in 1995.