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Don’t we love volleyball?
Genre: Comedy-drama
Coming of Age
Release Date: April 6, 2014 – December 19, 2020
Network(s): Animax Asia
Created by: Haruichi Furudate
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 73

Haikyuu!! (Japanese:ハイキュー!!, meaning "volleyball") is a coming-of-age sports comedy-drama shonen anime that is produced by Production I.G. and is based on a manga by Haruichi Furudate. The first season premiered with from April 6 to September 21, 2014. The second season premiere from October 4, 2015 to March 27, 2016. The third season, titled Haikyuu!! Karasuno High vs. Shiratorizawa Academy, aired from October 8 to December 10, 2016. The fourth and recent season, titled Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP, aired from January 11 to April 4, 2020 for the first part; the second part, which was delayed due to COVID-19, aired from October 3 to December 19, 2020.

Why It Flies High in the Court

  1. Outstanding animation by Production I.G, the studio that produced several sports anime, especially Kuroko no Basket.
  2. Perfectly talented voice acting by Ayumu Murase as Shoyo Hinata, Kaito Ishikawa as Tobio Kageyama, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Yu Nishinoya, and so on.
  3. Beautiful and inspiring music composed by Yuki Hayashi, who also composed the heroic and iconic soundtrack for My Hero Academia!
  4. Great OP and ED songs such as "Techi Gaeshi" (ED 1) and "Mashi Mashi" (ED 5) by NICO Touches The Walls and "FLY HIGH!" (OP 4), "Hikari Are" (OP 5), and "Phoenix" (OP 6) by BURNOUT SYNDROMES.
  5. From Team Karasuno to Team Inarizaki, there are any lovable and relatable characters with great developments as the series progresses.
  6. Memorable catchphrases, including "HINATA, YOU DUMBASS!" "Hey Hey HEY!" and "Sorry, Tsukki."
  7. Hilarious quotes such as "Iwa-chan, are you my mom?"
  8. It teaches the fundamentals of volleyball and its unique strategies, especially Nishinoya's signature libero move and Hinata and Kageyama's extraordinary quick that inspire fans and real-life volleyball players to try them.
  9. The OVAs are also enjoyable to watch, as if they are canon to the series.
  10. The anime manages to blend character development, teamwork, and relationships into the actual sport very well. We are able to see Hinata and Kageyama's teamwork bloom, Yamaguchi's determination to improve, and countless others.

Bad Qualities

  1. The character designs as of Season 4, while decent, appear simplified compared to the first three seasons. However, they are supposed to be based on the recent designs from the manga, which is somewhat different from the earlier chapters.
  2. Character developments aside, several characters such as Tobio Kageyama, Kei Tsukishima and Tooru Oikawa can be unlikable sometimes.


  • The series recently has 5 OVAs:
    • "The Arrival of Lev Haiba" (after Season 1)
    • "VS Failing Grades" (during the first half of Season 2)
    • "Special Feature! Betting on the Spring High Volleyball" (after Season 3)
    • "Land vs. Air" and "The Path of the Ball" (before Season 4 (Part 1))
  • The first OP, "Imagination" by SPYAIR, was played for the Men's Volleyball Tournament between Japan and Venezuela in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on July 24, 2021.


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