Harry Hill's TV Burp

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There's only one way to find out... FIIIIGHT!

Harry Hill's TV Burp is a weekly comedy series hosted by Harry Hill. It is similar to Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but with the week's TV shows instead of old B-movies, this show was aired on ITV1, and it aired from 22nd December 2001 until 7th April 2012,

Why It Rocks

  1. Hilarious riffs on TV shows, such as Harry Hill getting pelted with cash symbols after repeatedly calling the cube in The Cube a rectangular cuboid, and presenting a fake album of Val from Emmerdale singing various songs with "Who" replacing the "I" in song titles, culminating in "Who Can See for Miles and Miles" by the I.
  2. The fights between compared things (e.g. a toaster and a shark), while humorous, are spectacles to look at.
  3. Some of the hosts even get involved in the parodies.
  4. Funny highlights, such as "TV Highlight of the Week" and "TV Burp Poetry Corner".

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