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Haunted Family (The Haunted Hathaways)

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Haunted Family (The Haunted Hathaways)
Haunted family.png
A good spooky ending to a failed Nickcom.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 21
Air Date: March 5, 2015
Writer: Mike Dieffenbach
Director: Shannon Flynn
Previous episode: Haunted Swamp

Haunted Family is the twenty-first episode in Season 2 of The Haunted Hathaways and the fourty-seventh episode overall. It first aired on March 5, 2015 to 1.48 million viewers, and is the series finale.


When the ghost council finds out the Prestons have been living alongside humans, the council forces them to make a decision between haunting the Hathaways and leaving their home forever.

Why It Rocks

  1. The characters are much more likable than usual, especially Louie and Frankie.
  2. The jokes, effects and acting are much better than usual.
  3. The episode started off good, with the family having fun together, while the Ghost Council is monitoring them, not happy that ghosts are living with humans.
  4. The Prestons being ordered by the Ghost Council to scare the Hathaways out of the house or else they will be kicked out of their home is a pretty emotional moment.
  5. The monster versions of the Prestons were cool and pretty scary.
  6. It was sweet that the Prestons decided not to scare the Hathaways after all, even if it meant they were summoned to the Ghost Court right after.
  7. A shocking moment where right after the Prestons are kicked out of their Home and are banned from going through portals, they are stuck in the ghost world.
  8. The Hathaways had a good beginning, as Taylor and her boyfriend, Scott, had a good time at their school prom.
  9. The Hathaways discovered that the Prestons were banished from the human world, so they decided to head to the Ghost world to get them back, by using the Preston’s ectoplasm so they can go through the portal.
  10. Heartwarming moments, like when the Prestons and Hathaways actually hug each other when reuniting, since they can do that in the Ghost world.
  11. Epic moment when the Prestons and Hathaways stand up against the Ghost Council, saying that not all humans and ghosts hate each other, and that they can get along.
  12. The families touched the hearts of most of the court, so the Prestons sentence has been lifted, and they and the Hathaways did a quick group hug and returned home to the human world.
  13. Good ending where the families are reunited and back home, and the Prestons scared the other ghost family out of their home.
  14. Regardless of what you think of the series, this episode was an amazing finale and serves as a good send-off to the series.
  15. This is probably the only good (or passable) episode of the show.


Haunted Family received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Even people who didn't like this show admitted that it was a good series finale. It received a 7.7/10 on IMDb.