Heart of Ice (Batman: The Animated Series)

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Heart of Ice (Batman: The Animated Series)
"I failed you. I wish there were another way for me to say it. I cannot. I can only beg your forgiveness, and pray you hear me somehow, someplace... someplace where a warm hand waits for mine."
Series: Batman: The Animated Series
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 3
Air Date: September 7, 1992
Writer: Paul Dini
Previous episode: On Leather Wings
Next episode: Feat of Clay Part 1

Heart of Ice is an episode of Batman: The Animated Series and the 14th episode of the first season. It's considered by many to be the best episode of the entire show.


Mr. Freeze, a mutated criminal that needs subzero temperatures to survive, seeks revenge against the man who ruined his life, Ferris Boyle. It's up to Batman to stop Mr. Freeze. However during his investigation he finds that Mr. Freeze has another reason for revenge, one that causes Batman to have some sympathy for the icy villain.

Why It Rocks

  1. The first episode of the series written by Paul Dini and directed by Bruce Timm.
  2. Excellent writing that makes you sympathize with Freeze and become disgusted by Ferris Boyle's actions.
  3. One of the few times in the show Batman has shown sympathy towards one of his foes, though it doesn't stop him from subduing Freeze.
  4. Although Mr. Freeze was created in 1959, he was commonly portrayed as one of the many joke villains Batman fought. However, this episode gave him a tragic backstory which has since been popularised in comic books and video games. One of the few redeeming qualities in the critically panned Batman and Robin is giving Mr. Freeze his tragic backstory from the animated series.
  5. In the end, although Freeze doesn't kill him, Batman helps to expose Ferris Boyle as a fraud and murderer.
  6. The incredibly tearjerking ending, as shown in the quote above.


"Heart of Ice" is considered the best episode of the entire series. The tragic backstory of Mr. Freeze has since become very popular and used many times since, including in the original comic series.