Hero Factory

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Hero Factory
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Now this is how you do a show based on toys!
Genre: Action
Science fiction
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 20, 2010 – January 9, 2014
Network(s): Nicktoons
Created by: The Lego Group
Distributed by: The Lego Group
Starring: John Schneider
Eric Christian Olsen
Henry Winkler
Tom Kenny
Bryton James
Episodes: 11

Hero Factory is an American animated miniseries that ran on Nickelodeon based on the LEGO toyline of the same name, both of which ran during 2010 - 2014. The story revolves around the Alpha 1 Team, a group of robotic heroes constructed in a factory of the same name. Their objective is to fight crime across the galaxy and protect the robotic populace. The Hero Factory is a towering skyscraper based in Makuhero City, located on a terraformed asteroid. New Heroes are constructed in the dozens every day and trained from the ground up. Each Hero is unique due to their Quaza Core, a mineral stone that provides them with their own distinct personality.

Why it Rocks

  1. The CGI animation is pretty good to look at (until Invasion from Below).
  2. All of the characters (especially the heroes) have unique personalities and aspects to them.
    • Preston Stormer is the pro and leader of the team, being stern and serious at all times having the element of ice.
    • William Furno is the hot shot rookie who would eventually become the leader of the team having the obvious element of fire.
    • Jimi Stringer is the tough guy of the team having the element of sound.
      • Coincidentally, he even has speakers on his hero helmet and had more on his shoulders on his Breakout form with a guitar-like weapon too in said series.
    • Dunkan Bulk is the smart guy of the team having the element of metal.
    • Natalie Breez is sweet-hearted and she is the rookie who can communicate and make connections to animals having the element of wind.
      • Coincidentally, she has an insect-like hero helmet.
    • Mark Surge is the silly comic relief of the team having the element of lightning.
      • Coincidentally, he has lightning bolts on his helmet.
    • Julius Nex is the communications expert.
    • Nathan Evo is the quiet meditating artillery, later becoming proactive.
    • Daniel Rocka is the newest rock star rookie of the team, and is literally the Spongebob Squarepants of the team.
      • Coincidentally, he was actually voiced by Tom Kenny.
  3. Even the villains have unique aspects going on.
    • Von Nebula is the big bad traitor of the first series, Rise of the Rookies (2010).
    • Fire Lord, the main antagonist of Ordeal of Fire (Winter 2011), is the maniac who loves absorbing energy, and by extent, when the heroes shoot their original weapons at him and his allies.
    • Witch Doctor, the main antagonist of Savage Planet (Summer 2011), is also a big bad traitor who was formerly a civilian and wanted to steal all the Quaza just so not only he can get a new body, but also so he can stop he the Hero Factory from making heroes.
    • Black Phantom, the main antagonist of Breakout (2012), is the big, bad, and powerful villain who started the breakout and wanted all the villains to be free.
  4. For a TV series literally based on a toyline, it's pretty good.
  5. Some funny moments.
  6. The voice acting is well spot-on from talented actors like Tom Kenny and more lesser-known voice actors, like Jason Canning. (except for Invasion from Below, as the characters featured were recast.)
  7. Epic fight scenes between the heroes and villains, especially during Breakout.

Bad qualities

  1. Sadly, in Brain Attack (2013) and Invasion from Below (2014), the villains became nothing more than generic beasts.
    • Although in Brain Attack, the beasts were at least corrupted and weren't attacking without explanation, and the designs of the heroes remained awesome. Despite that fact, the designs of the heroes looked bland and boring in Invasion from Below.
    • To an extent, the heroes took off their helmets in Invasion from Below as opposed to switching them from on to off during the previous five series.
  2. The final episode Invasion from BelowTTSW was a bad way to end the show, especially considering that the series was cancelled following Lego's decision to discontinue the Hero Factory toyline.


Although the show was panned by critics, a lot of fans still tended to enjoy it, and the toy range sold well.