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High School DxD

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"My name is Issei Hyoudou and Rias Gremory's virginity is mine!" - Issei Hyoudou

High School DxD Is an anime series based on the Light Novel of the same name. It's given praise for it being innovative in the Harem genre and using a great balance of Ecchi and story. The first 3 seasons were produced by studio TNK while season 4 is produced by studio Passione.

Why It Rocks

  1. Good voice acting in both sub and dub and the dub makes a lot more humorous jokes and references to pop culture as well. 
  2. Excellent animation, visuals, art and character designs.    
  3. Great cast of characters and many of them are likable especially Rias.
    • Issei. Even though he's a pervert he still will fight for his friends and others, protect his family, friends and the innocent, stop the corruption of many of the antagonists that even do more worse perverted things than him and fulfill his goal.
    • Rias is very caring as she will stop anyone who harms the innocent and her friends, rescued many from danger and calms down Issei from going too hormonal at times.
    • Akeno will threaten the villains with sadism to manipulate them and prevent them from attacking innocent people and her friends, wants to be accepted and be different from other fallen angels, protect Issei from danger and increase her reputation.
  4. Unlike most Harem anime, the female characters have clearly defined reasons why they love the protagonist.
  5. Awesome fight scenes that parody most Battle Shounen fights and it even parodies many tournament arcs as well.
  6. Great soundtrack that gives at times such as when something emotional happens. European Violin like music will play.  
  7. Well done plot and story that has the protagonists meeting other supernatural entities to help them, fight in battles to protect others and increase their reputation.  
  8. It has a good message saying "Even if you are that creature, you can still do good things and help and protect others".
  9. Balances serious themes with humorous and sexy moments well, unlike most harem and ecchi anime.
  10. It parodies Battle Shounen and tournament arc elements and clichés in a very raunchy and humorous way.

Bad Qualities

  1. While Issei Hyoudou does have some likable traits, many viewers will still find his overly perverted nature obnoxious and unlikable, undercutting his few likable traits.      
  2. The fourth season, while an improvement is done by a different Studio (Studio Passione instead of the previous TNK), which brings the animation details to a whole different levels. Character details is reduced, and overall the anime looks subpar with any common Ecchi Anime outside. Although, the new style makes the anime closer to its light novel style art.
  3. Some characters can be annoying.
    • Miltan, who is a fanboy dressing up as a magical girl, does things like whenever Issei shows up into his house, and sleeping in Issei's bed out of embarrassment.
    • Riser Phoenix (from the presence of being voiced by Takehito Koyasu who did the voice work for Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) used to be a jerk to Issei when he tried to marry Rias.
  4. Some villains can be mediocre, along with Diodora, Freed Sellzen, Father Valper Galliei, the Fallen Angels, Raynare and Kokabiel.


  1. The show was banned in New Zealand due to supposedly "sexualising minors".