I'm in the Band

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I'm in the Band
"Whoa, hold on to your head! 'Cause Weasel rock you!"
Genre: Teen sitcom
Running Time: 22 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 27, 2009 – December 9, 2011
Network(s): Disney XD
Created by: Michael B. Kaplan
Ron Rappaport
Distributed by: Walt Disney Television
Starring: Logan Miller
Stephen Full
Greg Baker
Caitlyn Taylor Love
Steve Valentine
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 41

I’m in the Band is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney XD in the United States and on Family Channel in Canada. The first episode was taped on July 14, 2009, with a "sneak preview" airing on November 27, 2009; the show subsequently joined Disney XD's regular schedule on January 18, 2010, with the first episode being shown as a "sneak preview" in the United Kingdom on that same date. The show's January 18, 2010 premiere was watched by an estimated 860,000 viewers.


Tripp Campbell has a dream -- he wants to be the lead singer in his favorite '80s rock band, Iron Weasel. When the band comes to town he has one chance to convince members that he should be their new lead guitarist, so he hijacks a school assembly to get the down-on-their-luck group a gig. But winning a spot in the band is just his first hurdle -- he needs to get his mother on board with his new career path, and, of course, he needs to get the band some actual bookings.

Why It's In The Band

  1. This is the first show from It's a Laugh Productions, Inc. to be on Disney XD.
  2. Great acting, especially from Logan Miller, Stephen Full, Greg Baker, Caitlyn Taylor Love, and Steve Valentine.
  3. Great start of It’s a Laugh Productions shows on Disney XD, as it has good off-color and slapstick comedy.
  4. First teen-sitcom on Disney XD, and it’s great.
  5. Tons of likable and enjoyable characters, such as Tripp, Izzy, Derek, Burger, and Ash.
  6. Awesome storyline, which is a rock-and-roll band being models for a teenager, and letting him in the band, and the teenager also helping them back in tough situations.
  7. Some heartwarming moments, such as Tripp’s family bond with his mom, Beth, and also when Tripp tricks Derek into losing his voice again so his best friend can sing, which was also funny, and it made Izzy very happy that Tripp let her sing with the band.
  8. Teaches a lot of life lessons, such as friendship, Tripp’s friendship with Iron Weasel and Izzy, and love, Tripp’s family bond with his mom, Beth.
  9. Awesome theme song, that definitely fits the tone of Disney XD.
  10. Had an awesome crossover with The Suite Life on Deck called “Weasels on Deck”, which is a great first crossover between Disney Channel and Disney XD.


Critical Reception

Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media gave the show a mixed review. She stated that "while it's lighthearted, the show isn't exactly realistic when it comes to portraying adult responsibility," also noting that "there’s no shortage of laughs in I’m in the Band."


The series premiered to an estimated 863,000 viewers proving to be the network's highest-rated series premiere for a Disney XD Original Series, including the Toon Disney phase.


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