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I Love Rock and Roll (School of Rock)

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I Love Rock and Roll (School of Rock)
I Love Rock and Roll.png
Now this is the right way to end the School of Rock franchise.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 19-20
Air Date: April 1, 2018 (Part 1)
April 8, 2018 (Part 2)
Writer: Steve Armogida
Jim Armogida
Director: Trevor Kirschner
Previous episode: Photograph

I Love Rock and Roll is the nineteenth and twentieth episodes in Season 3 of School of Rock and the forty-fourth and forty-fifth episodes overall. Part 1 first aired on April 1, 2018 to 0.45 million viewers, and Part 2 first aired on April 8, 2018 to 0.67 million viewers, and both parts are the series finale.


Part 1

Dewey must make a choice when his old band gets to play at the Austin Music Festival.

Part 2

Dewey is forced to make a choice between his former life with his old band and School of Rock.

Why They "Rock" (Pun entirely intended)

  1. The characters are much more likable than usual, especially Dewey, Summer, Tomika, Lawrence, Freddy, Zack, and Principal Mullins.
  2. The writing succeeds, if only the show could be this way.
  3. It is actually funny and has really good jokes.
  4. The acting is really good and is much better than usual.
  5. The plot is interesting, as Dewey gets his dream venue to play with his old band at the Austin Music Festival, but has to leave School of Rock if he decides to do it.
  6. It was heartwarming that the band supported Dewey’s dream, but that lead to the band accidentally letting him go, as he thinks the band has broken up.
  7. Slade is an interesting character to take Dewey’s place in the band.
  8. The Dewey robot worked well for the band, until they gave the robot food which caused it to malfunction, so the band heads to the Austin Music Festival to find the real Dewey.
  9. Many heartwarming moments, such as Freddy and Summer becoming a couple and kissing, and when the band apologizes to Dewey, and he forgives them, as they thanked him for getting him to the festival.
  10. When all of Dewey’s old band break up due to complications, Dewey’s students, School of Rock, come on the stage with him and save his dream by performing with him, which was heartwarming.
  11. Clark’s plan about exposing School of Rock almost worked and he had proof, but Principal Mullins exposes his plans and Jillian finally betrays him, which is satisfying.
  12. Principal Mullins does find out about School of Rock, as she went to the festival to find them after the Dewey robot blew his head off, but doesn’t mind, much to everyone’s surprise and relief.
  13. The final song of the series, "I Love Rock and Roll", was good, even if it still sounds more like a pop song, like all other songs in the series, it’s probably the best song in the series.
  14. Good ending where the festival was a success as the band gets cheered on by the audience.
  15. Regardless of what you think of the series, this episode was an amazing finale and serves as a good send-off to the series.
  16. This finale ends the School of Rock franchise on a high note.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. "I Love Rock and Roll", while still a good song, has a common downside like other songs in the show, as it doesn’t sound like a rock song, and sounds more like a pop song instead. The song also has a misleading title as a result.


I Love Rock and Roll received positive reviews from critics, audiences and fans of the School of Rock franchise. Even people who didn't like this show admitted that it was a good series finale. On IMDb, Part 1 received a 8.2/10, while Part 2 received a 8.7/10. Part 2 is considered to be the show’s highest rated episode.