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"I'm a half-demon, more egotistical and greedy than any other living creature - that's what human beings are, right?" - Inuyasha
Genre: Adventure
Country: Japan
Release Date: October 16, 2000 - September 13, 2004
Created by: Rumiko Takahashi
Starring: Kappei Yamaguchi
Satsuki Yukino
Koji Tsujitani
Houko Kuwashima
Kumiko Watanabe
Akiko Yajima
Ken Narita
Mamiko Noto
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 167
Next show: Inuyasha: The Final Act (sequel)

InuYasha is an action-adventure/drama/fantasy/romantic comedy/Shonen battle anime series written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa, directed by Masashi Ikeda for episodes 1-54 and Yasuano Aoki for episodes 55-167, musically composed by Kaoru Wada, and produced by Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka, and Studio Sunrise.  It originally aired from October 16, 2000 to September 13, 2004 for 167 episodes. It's based on a manga written by influential mangaka Rumiko Takahashi and published by Shogakukan in the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday. The anime adaptation has had four anime movies attached to it, as well as two sequels called Inuyasha: The Final Act, the latter of which finishing the story in anime form, and another called Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, an anime-only continuation to the previous series focusing on the next generation after Inuyasha and Sesshomaru.

Why It Rocks

  1. Great animation.  
  2. Incredible art style and character designs.  
  3. Excellent music and soundtrack.  
  4. Enjoyable fight scenes.  
  5. Good voice acting in both sub and dub.  
  6. Amazing characters with lots of intrigue, complexity, and character development, the best stand out ones being Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi, Sango the Demon Slayer, and Miroku the Monk, among others.  
  7. This series, along with Rumiko Takahashi's other works, helped to create a lot of the tropes still used in anime today. First is, it helped to inspire a lot from Bleach. InuYasha is very similar to Ichigo Kurosaki, the Tesaiga is very similar to Zangetsu, the Wind Scar is very similar to the original Getsuga Tensho, the Sacred Shikon Jewel is very similar to the Hogyoku, and Naraku is very similar to Sosuke Aizen. It was also on the forefront of including strong romantic elements into Shonen Battle anime and manga like this, which was almost non existent back then.  
  8. The romance, despite being tedious at times, was still enjoyable and a nice change of pace, and the outcome of it was very pleasing. This includes both Inuyasha x Kagome AND Miroku x Sango.
  9. Miroku was one of the earliest examples of a perverted monk in anime, which has become very common today.
  10. Naraku is an increidble villain, not too complex, but very entertaining and menacing.  
  11. While it is really long, it's still on the shorter side of things compared to other similar Shonens. The original series was only 167 episodes long, and if you include The Final Act and Yashahime, there's only 217 episodes in total.  
  12. The best thing about the characters are the interpersonal relationships they share and the drama that takes place because of it. Weather it's Inuyasha and Kagome, Kagome and Sango, Sango and Miroku, Sango and her little brother Kohaku, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru and Rin, or Naraku and everyone.  
  13. All of the powers are really cool and interesting. Weather it's the badass sword Tesaiga, Sango's Hiraikotsu, Kagome's Sacred Arrows, Naraku's Shapeshifting and his soul divided into separate entities, or Miroku's Wind Tunnel.  
  14. While it can still get kind of repetitive at times, there's still more variety in this show than most other shows like this.

Bad Qualities

  1. Like many Shonens similar to it, InuYasha does have a lot of filler content in the anime adaptation, although it's not nearly as much as shows like Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z, which is probably because it wasn't nearly as long as those ones.
  2. The original airing of the show in the early 2000s on Adult Swim only aired the first two seasons over and over again.
  3. While some of the villains are entertaining, such as Naraku, they aren't very complex as other antagonists from various media.
  4. Kikyo was a mediocre character. The problems with Kikyo is that she had no purpose of existing or adding anything into the show other than making the romance between Inuyasha and Kagome more complicated, and there's plenty of better ways that this could have been done.
  5. While there is more variety than most shows like this, it can still get kind of repetitive at times.
  6. Kagome was incredibly whiny and often abusive of the power she had with the beads controlling Inuyasha. It also gets to the point where it's actually her fault for not being responsible with knowing where Inuyasha is when saying "SIT, BOY!" (although the quote is funny.)
  7. In streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll), the anime censored the songs for OP 1, OP 5, and ED 8 and replaced them with the OST for each of them due to strict copyright grounds in the United States.


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