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“This is Jelly Jamm!”

Jelly Jamm is a 2011 Spanish-British CGI animated musical children’s television series that aired on Clan TVE in Spain and Cartoonito and Milkshake in the United Kingdom. It was made by Vodka Capital with association with 737 Shaker. In 2019, rights were bought by Blue Ant Media. It currently airs on ZooMoo in the United States.


Five children named Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita and Ongo live on the planet Jammbo. They live alongside the King and the Queen. Jammbo is a planet known for music and holds a special music factory operated by the planet’s dodos. If the music stops, there will be no music for the universe and all the characters would turn grey, lose their memory and show no sign of interest at all.

Why It Rocks

  1. Likable characters such as Bello (red), Goomo (magenta), Mina (sky blue), Rita (pink), and Ongo (purple).
  2. There are moralistic lessons that are taught to children such as do not lie or try new things.
  3. Catchy songs such as Let’s Go Together, You’d Better Smile, You Are Great and Holding Hands. It wouldn’t be Jelly Jamm without the songs!
  4. The Maya CGI animation is very fluid. The animation can also change into different styles such as 2D animation in one scene in the episode Inventor Bello.
  5. The dodos are very cute and fun to watch as they skitter about everywhere in Jammbo.
  6. Lots of creative ideas, such as in Inventor Bello where Bello makes a big robot out of Mina’s equipment and in Jammbo TV where the kids make a TV show for Goomo.
  7. Excellent British voice work from Lizzie Waterworth-Santo, Maria Darling, Emma Weaver, and Isabella Blake-Thomas.
  8. Some of the humour is very funny like Bello’s waving arms and Ongo’s gibberish.
  9. The concept of a musical planet far away from Earth is a very interesting concept.
  10. Jammbo is a very colourful planet with lots of vibrant and attractive features.
  11. The King and the Queen are very hilarious characters.

Bad Qualities

  1. Rita can sometimes be unlikeable and annoying.
  2. Some of the songs can get annoying after awhile.
  3. The Albanian dub is very horrible to watch to the point where it becomes hilariously bad.


  • In 2014, Pinkfong released Jelly Jamm apps where you could watch episodes and take pictures with the Jelly Jamm characters.
  • Merchandise was released by Bandai, including plushies.
  • Lizzie Waterworth-Santo, the voice for Bello recorded herself as Bello for a video of characters she voiced from A to Z.
  • David Cantolla, one of the show’s creators also worked on Pocoyo.




one month ago
Score -1
I hate this show!


one month ago
Score 0
I love this show, it has good messages for the children, and besides that it has a lot of comedy for the whole family, it is an excellent show but I think the last season was not so good I feel that this show went downhill in a not terrible way because For example, the first half of the first season is good, the second half of the first season from the inner space episode the series is a masterpiece but the second and last season for me is not memorable, it is only ok from the king episode clones, my favorite season is 1B and so I love this series since season 1A is also quite good but the second and last season will not be bought from the previous ones but I am very happy that it is finally on this wiki since it is one of the best series that I have known, my favorite episode is wild nature

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