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Johnny Test (2021)

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This page is dedicated to Adam Schlesinger (October 31, 1967 - April 1, 2020)
Johnny Test
Netflix Johnny Test.jpg
This is how ThunderCats ROAR, The 2016 Powerpuff Girls, and The modern seasons of The Loud House could have been.
Genre: Science fantasy
Running Time: 11-12 Minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: July 16, 2021 – present
Network(s): Netflix
Created by: Scott Fellows
Distributed by: WildBrain
Starring: James Arnold Taylor
Trevor Devall
Emily Tennant
Maryke Hendrikse
Ian James Corlett
Kathleen Barr
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 40
Previous show: Johnny Test (2005)

Johnny Test is a Canadian animated series created by Scott Fellows and developed by WildBrain for Netflix. Serving as a revival to the 2005 series of the same name, the series premiered on July 16, 2021. It also premiered on Family Chrgd on October 16, 2021.

While the first three seasons of the original show were met with positive reception, with the final three seasons of the original receiving panned reception, the revival is considered a huge improvement over the final three seasons of said series, and possibly the entire show.

Why This Test Experiment Has Succeeded

  1. The main good quality about this show is that it's a huge improvement over the last three seasons and restores the quality of the first three seasons as it's now Toon Boom-animated instead of Flash-animated like in seasons two through six of the original, creator Scott Fellows is returning, the new character designs by Stephen Silver (who also did the character designs of The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, Kim Possible and Clerks: The Animated Series) look great, and it also has most of the crew from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic working on it.
  2. The screaming is extremely funny such as Dukey screaming due to his hypocrisy when he screams at night all the time or Johnny screaming in the roller coaster.
  3. Almost all of the characters' flanderizations from Seasons 4-6 were recovered back into their original personalities from the first 3 seasons.
  4. Mary Test's new voice actor (Emily Tennant) is a suitable successor to the character's two original voice actors Brittney Wilson (Seasons 1 and 5) and Ashleigh Ball (Seasons 2-4 and Season 6). Even Trevor Devall did a better job at voicing Dukey than he did on the original Johnny Test (specifically Seasons 5 and 6).
  5. Susan Test is still the hardcore tomboy, like the original series.
  6. Unlike the original series, it doesn’t overuse the whip-crack sound effect (which was used in Seasons 3-6 of the original). One episode even made fun of it, showing that the crew is not afraid to make fun of the old show and that they were also being self-aware to.
  7. Short, but awesome theme song, as it's not trying to sound like other songs unlike the theme songs of the original.
  8. Character development came onto the characters most notably Johnny himself as this time, he's not trying so hard to be edgy and he's actually trying to be a hero.
  9. Powerful soundtrack, which is composed by Guy Moon.
  10. Lots of great villains such as Bling Bling Boy/Eugene and the robot baby being notable examples.
  11. A lot of random adventures being crazy such as Johnny and Dukey being chased by a giant pumpkin, meeting a baby who's a robot that freezes people, and more creativity that is in the show.
  12. The Battle Royale episode (the first episode of this show) is a nice way to start them off and a nice reference to certain video games out there, instead of just pandering to Fortnite gamers.
  13. Lots of good references out there like the Pokémon reference, although unlike "Johnny'mon", it didn't fully reference it to the point where it's just unoriginal, such as a blatant rip-off of Ash Ketchum named "Blast Ketchup".
  14. Some episodes have good life lessons such as Johnny'mon Go which teaches that you should be there for your friends to help them no matter what situation it is.
  15. "You never know what’s coming next, cause it’s J-J-J-J-Johnny Test!"

Bad Qualities

NOTE: Do not imply that it's a ripoff of Dexter's Laboratory since both shows are nothing alike.

  1. The reboot still suffers from a lot of the same problems from the last 3 seasons of the original show such as the number of butt jokes, naked jokes, and has humor that tries too hard to be edgy from time to time. Though it was not used as much anymore.
  2. Sometimes, Hugh's flanderization from Seasons 4-6 of the original show is still present here in the reboot but not yet to be recovered, most notably, the second episode, where it shows that he still wants to send his son to Military School, similar to the original show's Season 4 episode, 99 Deeds of Johnny Test. But not much like the original.
    • He also remains a Butt-Monkey as seen in the JohnnyMon Go episode where he obliviously harms himself while getting distracted by the TinyMon Go game on his phone.
  3. Mr. White's voice acting isn't really that great with his new voice actor sounding nothing like Scott McNeil. This is mostly because of the recent issue of recasting non-white characters voiced by white voice actors in the wake of the George Floyd protests.
  4. Characters from the original series have yet to make an appearance in the reboot such as Sissy, Bumper, Jillian, Wacko, etc.

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Despite the original show receiving positive reception for the first three seasons, but became more hated and panned in the last three seasons due to Seasonal Rot, the remake is well-received, with most critics calling it better than the seasons 4-6 of the original show. Users like Vailskium94 also consider this show to be an improvement over the last three seasons of the original.


  • The original cast from the 2005 series (except Ashleigh Ball, Brittney Wilson, and Louis Chirillo) reprised their roles after seven years of the original ending.
  • Brittney Wilson and Ashleigh Ball, who shared the role of Mary Test starred together in the 2018 television adaptation of Polly Pocket.
  • Unlike the original series, every episode is one single 11-minute increment, instead of the traditional two side-by-side stories.
  • This was originally announced as the seventh season of the original series, with another season ordered. However, it was later released as a separate reboot. The FANDOM Wiki still considers it Season 7 for simplicity's sake.
    • Johnny's voice actor, James Arnold Taylor, also called the reboot the seventh season of the reboot despite Netflix promoting the show as a separate reboot.
  • The first season was dedicated "In memory of" to Adam Schlesinger.



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