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Joueur du Grenier

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Joueur du Grenier
"En 2000 après JC, toute la Gaule joue sur des consoles haute définition. Toute ? Non ! Dans un petit coin reculé, existe un joueur qui résiste encore et toujours à l'envahisseur."

(In 2000 AD, all of Gaul was playing on high definition consoles. All ? Nope ! In a small remote corner, there is a player who still and always resists the invader.) - JDG 3 Asterix in the Great Rescue - Megadrive

Genre: Review
Running Time: Varies
Country: France
Release Date: September 30, 2009 - present
Network(s): YouTube(2009–present)
Dailymotion (2009-2015)
Created by: Frederic Molas
Sebastien Rassiat
Distributed by: Press Start Button (2010-2013)
NES Blog (2013-2016)
Starring: Frederic Molas
Sebastien Rassiat
Seasons: 14
Episodes: 90 + 24 Specials
Next show: Papy Grenier

Joueur du Grenier (Attic Gamer) commonly abbreviated as "JDG", is a humorous retro video game testing program, broadcast on YouTube since September 2009.

Joueur du Grenier is also the name of the show's main character, played by videographer Frédéric "Fred" Molas, and that of the YouTube channel he manages jointly with Sébastien "Seb" Rassiat, co-creator of the show. .

The program Joueur du Grenier has given rise to several series and related projects, such as the spin-off program Papy Grenier or the secondary channel Bazar du Grenier which broadcasts Let's Play in particular. In addition, the program has seen the appearance of numerous specials in which Le Joueur du Grenier talks about other subjects relating to the audiovisual sector (cartoons, television series, advertisements, etc.). It involves several contributors at varying frequencies, including Karim Debbache (from Crossed and Chroma) and Nico (from NESblog).

Its universe, with geeky and absurd humour, has given this show great popularity among young adults who love popular culture.

Since 2020, Frédéric Molas has also hosted a stream channel on Twitch, called Joueur_du_Grenier. Sébastien Rassiat has also been hosting a Twitch channel since 2022 called SebJDG.


Bullshit game test.

Why It Rocks

  1. He is very good at taking the concept of The Angry Video Game Nerd and adapting it to France without ripping it off.
  2. He's one of the few youtubers to take criticism well and even use it as an advantage.
  3. Legendary and emblematic characters such as the JDG, Seb the cameraman, Jean-Michel Bruitage, David Goodenough or Captain Igloo.
  4. Also like The Angry Video Game Nerd he gets to give good reasons why a game sucks.
  5. Excellent stagings that only improve from episode to episode.
  6. In addition to the usual tests, he also does Special Edition episodes where he talks about TV shows, films or even Ads which is really very nostalgic.
  7. Tons of references to pop culture like The Simpsons, Carmen Sandiego or World of Warcraft to name a few.
  8. The humor of this show is really funny and cult even with really incredible moments like the scenes of rage or the incredible jokes.
  9. Where the majority of French youtubers have either stopped YouTube (TheFantasio974, MrAntoineDaniel) or become bad (Squeezie, TiboInShape, Norman Fait des Videos, DavidLafargePokemon), Joueur du Grenier is one of the few French youtubers who is still excellent from start to finish, which is really incredible.
  10. Iconic and legendary videos such as the test on the Harry Potter Games, the second edition of fighting games, the HS on advertisements or the HS on Cartoons.
  11. The special 11 years video was a great way to wrap up the channel (even if it continued afterwards) and what AVGN the movie could have been.
  12. He is so well known in France that he alone is an icon of pop culture and has even had the right to tons of memes afterwards.

Bad Qualities

  1. JDG even if he is nice can be quite boring and petty in some videos.
  2. Some episodes aren't that good.
    • The test on the Fort Boyard games, for example, was badly received by the fans because it has a very serious lack of humor at the JDG due to the invitation of other youtubers like Chef Otaku and Le Monde à L'Envers.
    • The episode Des Jeux et du Metal  also suffered from a very serious lack of humor because it focused too much on the main plot.
    • The episode on Duke Nukem Forever in addition to being extremely controversial due to the fact that it was absurdly placed in +18 from YouTube also lacks humor because it focuses too much on the story of the game rather than on the test and humor.
  3. The first videos, although decent, have aged quite badly over time.


Joueur du grenier has received an extremely positive reception from audiences and critics to the point that it has become extremely cult in the French community. The show has an 8.5/10 on IMDb as well as a 7.7/10 on Senscritique.


  • Frederic Molas went on a diet from 2013 to 2014. He explains in FAQ n°2 that his weight loss would be linked to a “huge shit”. He claims to have lost 50 kilos (see FAQ #3, at 4:50). Sébastien, the technician, has also lost weight.
  • Frederic Molas would have destroyed his first video console with a knee blow while playing a game on Atari around 8-9 years old.
  • Fred has always reacted very maturely to unconstructive criticism; in a talk at TGS Ohanami 2012 with Seb and Bob Lennon, someone asked him how he reacts to a clasher (Cortex) insulting him as "big pig", Fred replied with amusement: "Everything is good in the pig" which earned him thunderous applause and laughter from his audience.
  • The Joueur du Grenier - HARRY POTTER episode, which lasts 37 minutes, was the longest to produce, surpassing 2 million views in five days. The Tomb Raider episode of Joueur du Grenier has since surpassed this episode in timing.
  • In the Rambo episode, he gives a list of famous French "fallen" YouTubers, including TheFantasio974 (better known as Fanta). Two days after the release of this video, Fanta decides to retire from youtuber as he attests in his farewell video on the FantaBobGames channel.
  • Fred is one of the first French gamers.
  • Although The Angry Vider Game Nerd is much more popular than Joueur du Grenier, it still has fewer Youtube subscribers than the JDG (3.66M vs 3.7M)


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