Junior Express

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Junior Express
¡Junior Express!
Genre: Children's television series
Adult entertainment
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: Argentina
Release Date: 27 July 2013-4 April 2020
Network(s): Disney Junior
Created by: Diego Topa
Starring: Diego Topa
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 120
Previous show: Disney Junior's house
Next show: Mister Maker

Junior Express is an Argentine children's television program, premiered on November 30, 2013 on the Disney Junior channel for all of Latin America. The show is created, produced and starred by Diego Topa.


It is about a captain (Diego Topa) who travels with a crew of friends giving musical concerts at different stations that he arrives at on his monorail called “Junior Express”. Each trip holds a new adventure. The crew is made up of 10 members, each of whom has a very important role within the crew's service:

Captain Topa, Los Rulos (Ricardo, Rolando and Carlos), Conductor Lila, Luthier Natalio, Costume Designer Doris, Stewardess Melody, Cook Arnoldo and Waiter Francis.

But there were variations: Melody was changed by Harmony (her sister) fulfilling the same role on the train. Doris was changed by Josefina (her best friend) from the wardrobe service.

Each character has their wagon and their clothes. Remember that all the garments were designed by Doris.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's very fun and entertaining to watch.
  2. One of it's genres is adult entertainment, meaning that not only kids but adults can enjoy it too.
  3. The intro and theme song are awesome.
  4. The show's concept is epic and unique.
  5. The characters are very likable.
  6. Excellent acting.
  7. The pacing is super good.
  8. Tons of hilarious moments and jokes throughout the series.
  9. Extremely clever humor.
  10. The editing and effects are cool and well-done.
  11. The soundtrack is fantastic and catchy.
  12. There are lots of memorable episodes and scenes.

Bad Qualities

  1. There's this one sound effect that is sometimes a little overrused, which can get pretty repetitive.
  2. A few of the characters can be ocasionally unlikable and even annoying.


It currently holds a 92% rating on Google, with mostly positive reviews.


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