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Kamen Rider Revice

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Kamen Rider Revice
Kamen Rider Revice Poster.png
The hero and the demon are a tag team... in other words, the strongest!
Genre: Tokusatsu
Running Time: 24 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: September 5th, 2021 - August 28th, 2022
Network(s): TV Asahi
Created by: Toei Company
Distributed by: Bandai
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 50
Previous show: Kamen Rider Saber
Next show: Kamen Rider Geats

Kamen Rider Revice (仮面ライダーリバイス, Kamen Raidā Ribaisu) is a Japanese Tokusatsu drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. It is the third series to debut in the Reiwa Era and the thirty-second overall, and serves to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the franchise. The series premiered on September 5, 2021, joining Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger in the Super Hero Time line-up after the finale of Kamen Rider Saber. After Zenkaiger concluded on February 27, 2022, Revice was joined in the Super Hero Time line-up by Avataro Sentai DonBrothers.


Deadmans is an organization that worships their lord Giff. Through the use of mysterious Vistamps, monsters called Deadman are born from within humans. Fighting to protect his family from Deadmans’ clutches is Ikki Igarashi. He himself has a contract with Vice, a devil that lives within Ikki’s body. Together, they transform into two Kamen Riders: Ikki as Kamen Rider Revi, and Vice as Kamen Rider Vice. Together, they are Kamen Rider Revice!

Why It Rocks

  1. So far it's a big improvement over Kamen Rider Saber, although it teamed up with it (see BQ#3).
  2. This series celebrates the anniversary year right, due to Kamen Rider airing in 1971.
  3. This is the first season to have two different Main Riders (shows like Den-O and W only have one despite focusing on two characters), with both of them being very endearing in their own ways.
    • Ikki Igarashi/Kamen Rider Revi acts as the caring/selfless straight man of the show, who constantly wants to help his family, but can be easily irritated and act weird (mostly due to Vice).
    • Vice/Kamen Rider Vice is Ikki's wisecracking inner demon who acts as comedy relief who gets on everyone's nerves.
    • Kadota Hiromi/Kamen Rider Demons, considered the most likable character in the show, is praised for his bravery act and his determination to battle on and on, even his body condition is weakened by Demons Driver's side effects.
  4. There are many other likable characters such as the Igarashi Family, FENIX, Kagero/Kamen Rider Evil (Daiji's Inner Demon), and Lovekov (Sakura's Inner Demon)
  5. The Deadmans are the very intimidating organization, who were sent to fight Ikki and revive Giff (the proposed big bad).
  6. The aesthetics of this season are very top notch. The motif about demons and stamps are very unique for Kamen Rider, not to mention it does a good job of fusing Past Rider suits with (some) prehistoric animals.
  7. The Vistamps are very detailed transformation items, with the driver having 50 printed on it.
  8. This is the first time the series had the Rider riding on a hoverbike, breaking traditions of riders riding on motorcycles.
  9. The opening songs and insert songs are so groovy that makes you want to dance.
  10. The henshin sequence is very badass, even hearing "BUDDY UP!" gets you pumped.

Bad Qualities

  1. Daiji was pretty stubborn and arrogant in the first few episodes, though thankfully he redeems himself quickly.
  2. Even though they are funny and cause many fans to call him the Deadpool of Kamen Rider, Vice's wisecracking jokes can sometimes annoy some fans.
  3. It teamed up with it in the former's 48th episode which made the epilogue/final episode in said show underwhelming, not to mention Vice was really unbearable within the crossover, while Ikki is just the generic hero archetype.
  4. While it is interesting and fun seeing the Rider ride a hoverbike, as mentioned in WIR #7, unfortunately it only happened in 1 episode and whenever Ikki needs transportation (which is now very rarely as of episode 45), it's a regular bicycle.
  5. While the show has plenty of characters who are likeable, Hikaru Ushijima (who was likeable before his reveal as a member of Weekend) is pretty unlikeable due to him being overprotective of Sakura to the point where he can be seen as a stalker. Not helping the fact that he became a Rider made many people want someone else to take his place.
  6. As the series progressed, the 50th anniversary and its use of Legend Rider forms were dropped. As of episode 37, no new Legend Rider forms have appeared. One could argue that this is because there's no point in doing an anniversary season once the next year comes around, but that doesn't really excuse dropping the anniversary of a franchise that has been around for 50 years.
  7. The story had went flat since Episode 31.