Kamen Rider Ryuki

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Kamen Rider Ryuki
Ryuki Poster.png
"Those who don't fight won't survive!!"
Genre: Tokusatsu
Superhero fiction
Science fantasy
Running Time: 23–25 minutes (per episode)
Country: Japan
Release Date: February 3, 2002 - January 19, 2003
Network(s): TV Asahi
Created by: Toei Company
Ishimori Productions
Starring: Takamasa Suga
Satoshi Matsuda
Ayano Sugiyama
Kenzaburo Kikuchi
Takashi Hagino
Episodes: 50
Previous show: Kamen Rider Agito
Next show: Kamen Rider Faiz (555)

Kamen Rider Ryuki (Japanese: 仮面ライダー龍騎, Hepburn: Kamen Raidā Ryūki, lit. "Masked Rider Ryuki") is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. The twelfth installment in the Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu shows, it was a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei, and it was shown on TV Asahi from February 3, 2002, to January 19, 2003. The series marked the franchise's switch from Columbia Music Entertainment to Avex Group, which continues to produce music for the Kamen Rider Series today.

In 2008, Ryuki was adapted into the American television series Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, the first adaptation of a Kamen Rider Series in the United States since Saban's Masked Rider in 1996.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's a big improvement over Kamen Rider Agito, which was a terrible Kamen Rider season from the previous year.
  2. There are some likable characters such as Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight, and Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda.
  3. The animation was very cool.
  4. Awesome fight scenes.
  5. It's got a decent adaptation, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.
  6. The summer movie was Amazing.
  7. Its toyline sold was very nice and very collectible.
  8. The theme song was an awesome, amazingly catchy, 80's-like feel to it.
  9. Bad-ass suits.
  10. There are some funny moments from here to there.
  11. This first Kamen Rider series to having most of the battles take place in an alternate world (Mirror World).
  12. It aired alongside with Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger.

Bad Qualities

  1. While it's good, The following season and the spin-off of this season, Kamen Rider Faiz (555) wasn't well-received at all.
  2. The team-up with Kamen Rider Agito.