Kevin’s Cranky Friend (Thomas & Friends)

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Kevin’s Cranky Friend (Thomas & Friends)
The episode that revived Thomas’ glory days.
Series: Thomas & Friends
Part of Season: 17
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: October 10, 2013 (US)
June 3, 2013 (UK)
Writer: Lee Pressman
Director: David Baas
Previous episode: The Christmas Tree Express
Next episode: Scruff’s Makeover

“Kevin’s Cranky Friend” is the season premiere of season 17 of Thomas & Friends, and the 389th episode overall.


Feeling that Cranky is being overworked, Sir Topham Hatt has Kevin work at Brendan Docks to help Cranky. But Cranky doesn’t want Kevin’s help.

Why It Rocks

  1. This episode, along with the special “King of the Railway”, redeemed the series after it’s decline in quality during S12-16.
  2. The new CGI animation that is a major upgrade from the CGI animation in season 13-16, which means the CGI animation is at one of it’s best since the old CGI animation was still good.
  3. The characters who were flanderized in the previous 5 season have been redeemed and got their old personalities back.
  4. Mark Moragan’s narration is very well-done and is pretty soothing to listen to.
  5. Good voice-acting, as to be expected.
  6. Kevin helping Cranky work at Brendan Docks is a creative idea and feels like a breath of fresh air since this concept has not been done before, and it only uses the three-strike formula from seasons 13-16 very infrequently.
  7. Plenty of funny moments, such as Cranky dropping a net full of lettuce on James, Henry and Sir Topham Hat, Kevin falling into the ocean and a crab pinching Kevin’s nose after being saved by Cranky.
  8. Two wonderful morals, the one moral being:
    • “Don’t be afraid to ask for help”.
    • And the other being: "Never judge those of their appearance" (the same moral that would be used for the Learning with Thomas sequence for "Heart of Gold").
  9. This episode also shows Cranky's sympathetic side as we see that he really does feel bad for Kevin when Sir Topham Hatt scolds Kevin.


Kevin’s Cranky Friend received a 4.6 on IMDB, but however received positive reviews.



Master Chief

one month ago
Score 0
To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this episode, it kinda feels like a Miller era episode, I can see why some fans didn't consider season 17 a very big improvement at first.

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