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At last! The Saturday morning cartoons have returned!

KidsClick is a defunct a daily children's programming block distributed by Sinclair Broadcast Group, which premiered on July 1, 2017. The block, which primarily consisted of long-form animated series as well as some short-form content, was carried in the U.S. on digital multicast network TBD, and on Sinclair-owned/operated television stations in several markets. It was discontinued two years later on March 31, 2019.

Why It Rocked

  1. The idea of not only reviving Saturday morning cartoons, but also airing them on weekday mornings (including Sundays!) is an amazing concept.
  2. It marked the return of traditional weekday cartoons and Saturday morning cartoons to over-the-air television as a network.
  3. It was the first children's programming block on U.S. broadcast television not to comply with Children's Television Act regulations since the Saban Brands-produced Vortexx was discontinued by The CW on September 27, 2014.
  4. It was the birth of the brand-new era of Saturday morning cartoons.

Bad Qualities

  1. Not all of the shows it aired were great; some of them are even on Terrible TV Shows Wiki.


The last thing it aired was Oggy and the Cockroaches (Seasons 1-3), although they aired seasons 3 (remastered) and 4.



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