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"Wa-tu-da-dy-ya! Hoo!"
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 6 Minutes
Country: Russia
Release Date: May 17, 2004 – 2012
Network(s): Russia 1
Created by: Peokhorov
Starring: Anton Vinogradov
Vladimir Postnikov
Vadim Bochanov
Svetlana Pismichenko
Sergey Mardar
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 273

Kikoriki (known in Russia as Smeshariki) is a Russian animated children’s cartoon about nine round animal characters and their adventures. It initially ran from 2004 to 2012, with a new season released on KinoPoisk HD in 2020.

Why It Rocks

  1. While mostly targeted at kids, the show tends to be quite daring and tackles harsh subjects, like the meaning of life or family.
  2. The theme song is very catchy.
    • The theme song for the 4Kids dub was also great.
  3. It has something children and adults will both like.
  4. Nice Adobe Flash animation using Macromedia Flash.
  5. Great voice acting.
  6. It was the kid-friendly yet serious version of adult shows, such as Happy Tree Friends and South Park.
  7. Likable characters, such as Krash (rabbit), Chiko (hedgehog), Wally (ram), Rosa (pig), Carlin (raven), Olga (owl), Pin (penguin), Dokko (elk), and Barry (bear).
  8. Plenty of hilarious, sad and heartwarming moments alike and adult jokes.
  9. It Spawned an movie Kikoriki: Team Invincible. Also spawned two great 3D animated spinoffs: BabyRiki and Kikoriki: Pin-Code.
  10. In 2008, the live show was only released in Russia that aired on Telenyanya (currently Carousel).

Bad Qualities

  1. The 4Kids dub can sometimes be off-putting.
  2. The English voices were not-well received.
  3. The Movie sequels and Kikoriki: New Adventures, weren't very well-received either.
  4. In later episodes, several characters were flanderized, especially Pinky who turned from a well-behaving girl into an annoying and unstable brat.


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