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King Ramses' Curse (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

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King Ramsesʼ Curse
At least the slab was returned to its original state after Eustace refuses to return it.
Series: Courage the Cowardly Dog
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 7a
Air Date: January 21, 2000
Writer: Bill Marsilii
Director: John R. Dilworth
Previous episode: Shirley the Medium
Next episode: The Clutching Foot

''King Ramses' Curse is the first half of the seventh episode of the first season of the Cartoon Network show Courage the Cowardly Dog, it was premiered on January 21, 2000 alongside The Clutching Foot.


Courage discovers an Egyptian stone slab near the waterpump of the farmhouse. The stone slab turns out to be a relic, stolen from a Pharaoh's tomb, that is worth one million dollars. Eustace refuses to return the stolen slab without payment, and the entire family faces the wrath of its three curses as a result.

Why It Offers You

  1. This was known for being the darkest episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog to date, and it's surprisingly good, as it has a pretty cool tone that is comparable to that of horror movies from John Carpenter or Wes Craven or authors like Stephen King.
  2. The idea of a mummy haunting the Bagges' house all over a stone slab is pretty cool and creepy idea, even for Courage the Cowardly Dog standards.
  3. It introduced one of the most disturbing antagonists in Cartoon Network history, King Ramses, his wrinkly hair and dirty clothes are what makes him creepy, alongside his iconic quote "Return the slab".
  4. Good voice acting as usual, especially John R. Dilworth's performance as the titular Ramses, whose voice makes him a lot creepier due to said voice feeling more like a demonic ghost, which shows how talented Dilworth is.
  5. Likeable characters, especially the Professor, who warns the Bagges to return the slab or else the curse would happen.
  6. Eustace's line: What's ya offer?
  7. Pretty funny moments as usual, like the scene where Eustace says "I'm rich!" while holding the slab and cradling like a baby and King Ramses' second curse, which is a terrible song playing through a sonogram to torture the Bagges.
  8. Half-Decent ending, where Eustace gets his punishment for his greed by being trapped in the slab, although it's still rather creepy (in a bad way).

Bad Qualities

  1. King Ramses' CGI design and effects haven't aged well, as they look more like an outdated PlayStation era game, although given the show itself, it seems like this was intentional.
  2. Half-bad (and somewhat creepy) ending: After the house gets ruined by the third and final plague, Eustace then gets trapped in the slab after he refuses to listen to Ramses' quote, although he somewhat deserves it.
  3. While all the characters are likeable, Eustace is the least likeable out of all of them, as he becomes greedy once he found out that the slab would be more than a thousand dollars, not to mention, he was also responsible for summoning Ramses (as well as wanting the reward after all the curses were gone) and even causing the Bagges to suffer the three plagues from Ramses, although he did get punished by being trapped into the slab.


The episode received positive response from critics and fans but received a rather polarizing response from parents due to the dark material in the episode, the episode (alongside The Clutching Foot) has a score of 8.9/10 on IMDB.