King of the Hill

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King of the Hill
"Ah tell ya hwat..."
Genre: Animated sitcom
Slice of life
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: January 12, 1997 - May 6, 2010
Network(s): Fox (1997-2009)
Adult Swim (2010)
Created by: Mike Judge
Greg Daniels
Distributed by: Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Starring: Mike Judge
Kathy Najimy
Pamela Adlon
Brittany Murphy
Johnny Hardwick
Stephen Root
Toby Huss
Ashley Gardner
Lauren Tom
Tom Petty
Breckin Meyer
Seasons: 13
Episodes: 259

King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels that ran from January 12, 1997 to September 13, 2009 on Fox (May 3−6, 2010 on Adult Swim for the remaining unaired four episodes, before the final episode). It centers on the Hills, a middle-class American family in the fictional city of Arlen, Texas. It attempts to maintain a realistic approach, seeking humor in the conventional and mundane aspects of everyday life.

Why It Rocks

  1. Amazing animation, which improves every season, especially in later seasons (Seasons 8-13, when it started using digital ink and paint).
  2. Great voice acting from the cast.
  3. Catchy theme song by The Refreshments.
  4. Likable, memorable and relatable characters, such as Hank, Bobby, Dale, and Boomhauer.
  5. Their satirical portrayal of American conservatism and lesser extent right-wing libertarianism works excellently, throughout the whole show. It's one of the very few shows that portray them with respect and not revolving to the most basic stereotypes of conservatives and right-wingers.
  6. Memorable episodes such as Meet the Manger Babies, A Fire Fighting We Will Go and Bobby Goes Nuts.
  7. The final episode (in production order) To Sirloin with Love, shows Hank and Bobby finally get along as real father and son, due of Bobby finally had a shared interest with his father, was ended in a very good note, and also an almost improvement than rest of the all later season episodes. The final episode to air Just Another Manic Kahn-Day (listed as the last episode on Hulu) is also pretty good as it shows Hank and Kahn getting along and working together.

Bad Qualities

  1. It can get very boring at times.
  2. Peggy Hill can be a pretty unlikeable character, especially in later seasons.
    • The unnecessary retcon with her birthplace being changed from Arlen to somewhere in Montana and her mother's personality also being changed from rather strict but well-meaning to a stereotypical abusive mother to try and justify her behavior.
  3. Like most animated Fox shows at the time, the show wasn't safe from losing quality in its final seasons. At least it didn't go as bad as how Family Guy did.
  4. Lucky is very unlikeable. Many cite his introduction as the beginning of the shows decline.
  5. Some political jokes turn pretty dark in later seasons, especially in Uh-Oh, Canada.
  6. Had its fair share of bad episodes like Pretty Pretty Dresses, Lupe's Revenge, Get Your Freak Off, Uh-Oh, Canada, Death Picks Cotton, and most infamously, Pigmalion, the latter of which got banned in syndication.
  7. Comedy Central’s Syndication rights of this show that ran from July 2018 - December 2019 after [adult swim] lost rights to the show in June 2018, Didn’t do so well after, because they cut off some of the jokes, and the beginning scenes of some episodes and the format was stretched even the first episode of the show was cropped to 16.9 which also sucks.




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Remember that time Hank Hill had a crossover with Silver Surfer? It was in a form of a promotional ad.


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d a m n i t b o b b y


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The first episode I ever watched was A Fire Fighting We Will Go.

And it was hilarious.


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It's nice

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