Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchen Nightmares
"I wouldn't trust you to run a bath, let alone a f**king restaurant!" - Gordon Ramsay
Genre: Reality television
Running Time: 58 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 19, 2007 – September 12, 2014
Network(s): Fox
Distributed by: ITV Studios
Starring: Gordon Ramsay
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 92 (including 9 revisits)

Kitchen Nightmares is an American reality television series formerly broadcast on the Fox network and based on the British show Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, in which chef Gordon Ramsay is invited to spend a week at a failing restaurant by the owners in an attempt to revive the business.

Why It's Anything but Raw

  1. Just like Masterchef and Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay is a great host who's well-known for his charisma and his extremely vocal criticism about the staff, the restaurants and, most importantly, THE FOOD.
  2. Gordon is not afraid to tell the owners and staff the ugly truth about their restaurant's food and environment, and it's very entertaining to watch him laying the verbal smackdown on people who think they know better than him.
  3. The idea of a reality show where a top chef travels across the country attempting to save failing restaurants is a great concept.
  4. It has many funny moments, most of them being Gordon's insults about the food, the staff and the owners. Sometimes, even the owners and staff themselves can give us some good laughs, like Michael from Nino's Italian Restaurant and his iconic "Hello, my name's NINOOOOO!" quote.
  5. Like Masterchef, Gordon's food and cooking skills are very satisfying and appealing to look at.
  6. There are some episodes where Gordon revisits the restaurants that he helped, which is a good way to show what happened after filming concluded.
  7. Many funny and memorable quotes such as "Fresh frozen? There's no such thing!", "Hello, my name's NINOOOOO!" and "He's from British, he doesn't speak English".
  8. Thanks to Gordon, some of the restaurants featured on the show went on to experience great success.
  9. The show's YouTube channel regularly posts highlights from the show and even uploads full episodes for free.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unfortunately, most of the restaurants Gordon visited ended up closing not long after they were featured on the show (at least one restaurant closed before the episode it was featured in had even aired).
  2. Pretty much every episode has at least one unlikeable person (be it an owner, a chef or even an employee of the restaurant) who's either incapable of handling Gordon's criticism, flat-out incompetent, or just has a horrible attitude in general. Some notable examples include:
    • David from The Black Pearl
    • Adele from Flamango's
    • Chappy from Chappy's on Church
    • Sebastian from Sebastian's
    • Joe from Mill Street Bistro
    • Amy and Samy from Amy's Baking Company
    • Casemiro from Charlie's
    • Erick from Casa Roma
    • Doug and Charles from Seascape
    • Matt from Park's Edge
  3. Speaking of Amy's Baking Company, that episode is widely considered to be the most infamous episode in Kitchen Nightmares history, as it had the worst owners Gordon has ever met.
    • To make matters worse, it was the first and only episode where Gordon gave up on trying to save the restaurant. Thankfully, the restaurant closed down in September of 2015.
  4. Some really disgusting moments, like when Gordon found a live pigeon roaming around the Spanish Pavillion's kitchen as well as a dead, decomposing lobster in a tub full of cream sauce.


Kitchen Nightmares received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics and audiences. On IMDb, it has received an average rating of 7.5 stars.



  • The episode covering Campania was pulled from U.S. syndication in 2010 after owner Joe Cerniglia committed suicide.
    • The episode covering Oceana Grill was removed from streaming services after the restaurant sued the producers of Kitchen Nightmares for defamation.
  • Kitchen Nightmares, aside from the UK and USA versions, surprisingly also had a Greek version of it and, while being the same in structure, there are some differences.
    • Instead of Gordon Ramsay hosting the show, it's instead Ektoras Botrini, a well-known chef in Greece.
    • The swearing and insults are a downgrade compared to the original, as the swearing is literally censored (unlike the original, which was fully uncensored), something that was integral to the original show and made it successful.


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