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Kiteretsu Encyclopedia
Behold, the Dexter's Laboratory before Dexter's Laboratory with a little bit of Doraemon sprinkled in.
Country: Japan
Release Date: March 27, 1988 - June 9, 1996
Network(s): Fuji TV
Created by: Fujiko Fujio
Starring: Toshiko Fujita
Episodes: 331

Kiteretsu or Kiteretsu Daihyakka and Kiteretsu Encyclopedia is a 331-episode anime television series which ran on Fuji TV from March 27, 1988 to June 9, 1996. The series also aired on different networks worldwide, such as Hungama TV, and Disney XD, Disney Channel in India, and Cartoon Network in South Korea & India. An English dub of the anime airs in India on Cartoon Network. Another English dub was made by a company under the name of "Thunder Unlimited" called Kevin and B.U.D.S.T.E.R and was released on various VCDS and DVDS. As of September 2016, a remastered version of the series airs on Animax in Japan. It's based on the manga series by Fujiko Fujio who ran the children's magazine Komodo no Hikari from April 1974 to July 1977.


The series is the story of a scientific inventor boy genius named Eiichi (Also known as Kiteretsu), descendant of a great inventor named D. Kiteretsu, who has built a companion robot named Korosuke. He frequently travels in time with his friends and Korosuke in the time machine he built, he has friends such as Miyoko, a girl in his neighborhood who is his love interest, Buta Gorilla (Kumada Kaoru), a typical neighborhood bully and his friend, Tongari, who both often antagonize Korosuke (though they are in grade school).

Why It Rocks

  1. Kiteretsu's inventions are very creative and awesome looking.
  2. Superb animation.
  3. It's very faithful to the original manga.
  4. Awesome and interesting characters.
  5. Great music.
    • The theme song and ending songs, Oyome-san ni Natte Agenaizo & Magical Boy Magical Heart are very catchy.
  6. Many funny moments.
  7. It's pretty much the Dexter's Laboratory before Dexter's Laboratory.
  8. Well done voice-acting from people such as Toshiko Fujita, Mami Koyama, Kazuko Sugiyama, Hiroshi Ōtake & Naoki Tatsuta.
  9. Korosuke is a very cute and like-able character.
  10. The premise of a boy being a descendant of a great inventor is cool and original.
  11. The first episode of the series was very heartwarming, as Kiteretsu & Korosuke start to learn that they need to care about each other more.

Bad Qualities

  1. Many people can consider it to be a Doraemon clone due to the very similar characters, however it can't be an rip-off since it was created by the same people.
  2. The 2 English dubs (1 made in India and the other made in the Philippines) of the show are very rare and hard to find.
  3. Korosuke can be clumsy sometimes.
  4. All of the video games based off of Kiteretsu Daihyakka, are terrible.
  5. The voice acting in the Indian English dub has very laughably bad voice acting due to their strong Indian accents, similar to the Indian English dubs of Ninja Hattori-kun and Perman.




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