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Klump's Lumps (Donkey Kong Country TV series)

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Klump's Lumps (Donkey Kong Country TV series)
Klump's Lumps.png
An enemy being fired by his boss and wanting to be friends with one of his enemies is a surprisingly good episode.
Series: Donkey Kong Country
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 15
Air Date: November 15, 1997
Writer: Nadine Van der Velde
Director: Mike Fallows
Previous episode: Speed
Next episode: Bluster's Sale Ape-Stravaganza

Klump's Lumps is the 15th episode of Donkey Kong Country. It is also part of the first season of the Donkey Kong Country television series.


After General Klump fails again, King K. Rool fires him. He befriends Dixie and goes to live with the Kong's, who are suspicious that he is trying to steal the Crystal Coconut.

Why It Rocks

  1. The TV show characters, based on their video game counterparts, are pretty likable, especially Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong.
  2. The songs, "I Haven't Got a Friend in the World" and "Is There Someone I Can Truly Call A Friend", are both very sad and/or emotional songs.
  3. This episode is very well written, and a majority of the incidents that happen throughout the episode are reasonable.
  4. The subplot of Krusha being temporary General is pretty funny.
  5. The animation and voice acting is great, especially for 1996 standards, and the animation is a bit less jerky than a few of the other episodes.
  6. There are some funny moments in this episode, such as when the exploding barrels exploded on King K. Rool and his army; DK, Diddy Kong and Cranky Kong’s surprised expressions of when Dixie Kong brought in General Klump, when the 3 above mentioned boy Kongs ran into each other while panicking from General Klump’s morning trump playing, when General Klump accidentally sent Cranky flying with his trap set for K. Rool and his army, and when DK’s elevator bounced up and down.
  7. The kong's, especially Dixie, treat General Klump very nicely, as they invite him into the Kong’s home after being banished by King K. Rool.
  8. It was nice of General Klump to set up new traps for the Kongs’ enemies, as well as fox DK’s elevator for his house.
  9. Klump leaving the Kong's place is understandable, giving he heard DK, Diddy Kong and Cranky Kong’s conversation that they tried to get used to him but it didn’t work, which hurt his feelings, and he didn’t tell Dixie so she wouldn’t get mad at her family, even if telling her he’s leaving did break her heart.
  10. It was nice for King K. Rool to bring General Klump back into his army in the end.
  11. While General Klump did lie to Dixie Kong, it was to make sure to explain King K. Rool’s real plan to her while the other Kong's were distracted, and get the Kong's to come back when King K. Rool and his army arrived, which ended up working in the end, showing he’s still a good friend to Dixie deep down while also not having K. Rool know the truth.
  12. The ending of the episode is pretty good, since that it has the Kong's show up and defeat King K. Rool and his army, while General Klump also goes back home with them.
  13. During the good ending, General Klump gets Dixie Kong’s pet lobster back, much to her joy, and she finds the note where he tells her thanks for being nice to him, and says that she will always remember the good times she has with all of her pets and friends, including Klump. As she leaves with her pet lobster, Klump overhears everything while hiding in a nearby bush, and is very touched by her speech and cries to himself, showing a great bond of friendship, that both Dixie and Klump will always remember.
  14. The episode does teach a good moral to younger audiences by telling them to not lie to other people, specifically with the song, "Is There Someone I Can Truly Call A Friend".

Bad Qualities

  1. As usual, while we do hear her pet lobster, we never actually got to see what it looks like, as is the case with all of her pets.
  2. DK, Diddy Kong and Cranky Kong were a bit unlikable for getting angry at General Klump for attempting to help them, and for causing General Klump to leave the Kong's home, however though, this is a bit understandable.

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