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Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

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Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger
"From hundreds of millions of years ago, in the age of the dinosaurs, five warriors revive in the present time!"
Genre: Tokusatsu
Superhero fiction
Running Time: 24–25 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: February 21, 1992 – February 12, 1993
Network(s): TV Asahi
Created by: Toei
Starring: Yūta Mochizuki
Seiju Umon
Hideki Fujiwara
Takumi Hashimoto
Reiko Chiba
Shiro Izumi
Machiko Soga
Episodes: 50
Previous show: Choujin Sentai Jetman
Next show: Gosei Sentai Dairanger

Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー, Kyōryū Sentai Jūrenjā) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series and the sixteenth installment in the long-running Super Sentai metaseries of superhero programs. Produced by Toei and Bandai, it aired on TV Asahi from February 21, 1992, to February 12, 1993, with a total of 50 episodes. It was the first Sentai series to have a regular Sixth Ranger, and the first to introduce the concept of sentient, living mecha — a theme that has been used frequently in the franchise ever since. It was also the first Sentai series to be adapted into an installment of the American Power Rangers series. Footage from all 50 episodes was extensively used for the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The core Zyuranger costumes were used in all three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and were used as the original Power Rangers costumes while the Dragon Ranger costume was adapted into the Green Ranger's costume and was used throughout Season 1 and in early Season 2.

Why It Rocks

  1. The Zyurangers are very likable and distinctive with unique personalities.
    • Geki/TyrannoRanger is the leader of the group with a strong sense of justice.
    • Goushi/MammothRanger is the calm and cool second-in-command of the group and also the only male to appear transformed in every episode.
    • Dan/TriceraRanger is the courageous warrior of the group. While he can be a hothead, he means well and he does learn from his mistakes.
    • Boi/TigerRanger is the most kid-friendly and inquisitive of the group.
    • Mei/PteraRanger is the most gentle and loving of the group.
    • Burai/DragonRanger is Geki's brother who started the trend of "Sixth Rangers" in Super Sentai. He is considered by many as the best out of the Zyurangers because of his character arc in the story.
  2. The kid-oriented approach is very appropriate for this season.
  3. This installment is the first Super Sentai series to have fantasy elements which is interesting.
  4. Witch Bandora is a hilarious villain with a tragic backstory.
    • Additionally, her gang is very enjoyable and have very lively personalities.
  5. Awesome suit designs.
    • Burai's suit design is unique among the other Zyuranger suits as his gloves and boots look have a different pattern and the fact that he has golden armor pieces.
  6. The Zyurangers' henshin and roll call looks cool, especially the one with Burai in it.
  7. All the weapons are well-designed and look interesting.
    • It's cool how the legendary weapons transform whenever the Zyurangers henshin, making them match the suits.
    • The Zyusouken is a unique mix between a dagger and a flute.
  8. The acting is pretty good for the most part.
  9. Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar are some of the coolest robots in Super Sentai.
  10. The finale is a bit simple but still epic and intense.
  11. Very good choreography in the fight scenes.
  12. A lot of episodes teach children moral lessons.
  13. The cinematography looks good.
  14. Despite being made for kids, the show still has substance and the fight scenes still have intensity.
  15. Fun factor is pretty high.
  16. The show has a mix between both lighthearted and serious moments without feeling jarring.
  17. There are a lot of cute and memorable scenes such as Burai saving a baby from Bandora, the Zyurangers being friendly to the children a number of times in the series, as well as the final scene of the last episode itself.
  18. The show has a lot of epic scenes such as Geki using Burai's weapons for the first time as well as the introduction of the different Guardian Beasts.
  19. Catchy theme song that became a meme when The Angry Video Game Nerd sang it during a review of old Power Rangers/Super Sentai games.
  20. They even teamed up with the Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters teams.
  21. Burai's death was really tragic, sacrificing himself to save the life of a sick boy.
    • The same goes for Bandora's son's second death after Dora Talos' destruction.
  22. After Burai died, Geki now uses his weapons and Dragon Caesar learns to overcome his grief over the death of his former partner.
  23. Without this show, we wouldn't have Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  24. It had a terrific team up with the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger team.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's little-known to many Japanese Super Sentai fans, with most of its popularity coming from American audiences.
  2. It missed out on a potentially awesome team-up with the Choujin Sentai Jetman and Gosei Sentai Dairanger teams.
  3. Boi being changed into a girl (Trini Kwan) in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers started the infamous "She's A Man In Japan" trope.
  4. They never got their own movie.
  5. Despite being a decent season, it does have some flaws which earn it a spot in Terrible TV Shows Wiki. For more info read here.


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