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La Casa de la Bruja del 71 (El Chavo del Ocho)

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La Casa de la Bruja del 71 (El Chavo del Ocho)
La Casa de la Bruja del 71.jpg
"Nobody should be guided by what people look like but by what they are. And that in the world there are many good people."
Air Date: September 22 1975
Director: Enrique Segoviano
Previous episode: El Partido de Fútbol
Next episode: Don Ramón en la Escuela - Parte 1

La Casa de la Bruja del 71 (lit.: The Witch of 71's House) is an episode of El Chavo del Ocho from 1975. The episode focuses on Chavo, Chilindrina and Quico needing to enter Doña Clotilde's house to deliver a newspaper at Don Ramón's request, even though they are afraid of Clotilde because they think she is a witch.

Why It Rocks

  1. This is considered one of the best and most memorable episodes among fans.
  2. It has several hilarious moments like:
    • Chavo and Quico thinking that Doña Clotilde turned Quico's tricycle into a basket (without having seen that La Chilindrina took the tricycle).
    • The scene with Don Ramón bickering with Doña Florinda with puns.
    • When Quico accidentally refers to himself as an animal.
    • The scene where Chavo he almost reveals his real name, but is interrupted by Quico.
    • When Chavo reprimands Don Ramón after calling Doña Florinda of "old crone", after Don Ramón reprimands the children for calling Doña Clotilde of "witch" saying that no one should put names on anyone.
    • The scene where Chavo and Chilindrina thinking that Quico laid an egg in a bench after Chilindrina called Quico a "scared chicken", when in reality it was a boiled egg that Quico had forgotten take to his school lunch.
    • Quico believing that he laid the egg and wanting to treat the egg as if it were his kid.
    • The scene in which Quico tells Doña Florinda several times "The egg?" and "Boiled?" after realizing that the egg he thought he laid was his school lunch.
    • Quico accidentally cracking the egg on Don Ramón's shirt and discovering that he had caught a raw egg instead of a boiled egg.
    • Chavo doing the Sign of the Cross in despair while he's scared inside the witch's house.
    • The kids trying to disguise their presence in the witch's house by meowing pretending to be Clotilde's cat and ending up with Chavo saying "it's another cat", thus inadvertently giving away their presence.
  3. The way that children interpret Doña Clotilde's house (through their imagination) as a real witch's house is genial, mainly for showing Clotilde as a real scary witch.
  4. The scene showing Doña Clotilde as a real witch making witchcraft in her cauldron (in the children's imagination) is iconic and highly popular with fans.
  5. The scenery of Doña Clotilde's house in the children's imagination is very well crafted and unique, especially for a scenery used for a single episode.
  6. Amazing soundtrack, even including the classic Pink Elephants theme from the movie Dumbo playing in the scene where the broom starts to move.
  7. Amazing Moral: after the children are rewarded for Clotilde receiving lollipops as a gift from her they admit that Clotilde really wasn't a witch, ending with Chavo saying you shouldn't judge a person by what they look like but by what they really are.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some scenes are unfunny, like for example:
    • When Chavo, Quico and Chilindrina talk about Doña Clotilde's "witchcraft".
    • Don Ramón mistaking Bogotá with a country instead of a city.
  2. For an unknown reason Satanas (Doña Clotilde's pet dog) is portrayed as a cat in the children's imagination, probably to associate the stereotype of a witch cat.
  3. There is a error at the end with the lollipop packages that Clotilde will give to the children, changing from a transparent to a red package from one scene to another.
  4. Unfortunately, its animated remake isn't so good as the original episode.