League of Super Evil

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"League of Super Evil!"

League of Super Evil (initialized as L.O.S.E. or LOSE) is a Canadian animated television series inspired by the sketch "Once Were Heroes" by Ryan Harper-Brown, co-created by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee, Davila LeBlanc, Peter Ricq, developed by Asaph Fipke, and produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment in conjunction with YTV. The series ran from March 7, 2009 to August 25, 2012. Reruns ceased on YTV on September 2, 2014, when Teletoon picked up where YTV had left off. It also aired in the UK on CBBC. League of Super Evil also airs internationally on Cartoon Network and Disney XD.


The League of Super Evil (or "L.O.S.E.") is a group of Super Villains (Voltar, Doktor Frogg, The Red Menace, and Doomagedon) who are plotting to take over their neighborhood in Metrotown and ultimately the world. Their missions usually involve pranks such as gluing a penny to a chair. While all the other citizens in the neighborhood live in suburban houses, L.O.S.E. has a "secret" evil lair. The League is often at odds with other, more "important" super villains such as Skullossus and also tries to evade getting busted by Metrotown's heroes.

Why It Rocks

  1. The premise is very creative and unique with a group of villains being portrayed as neighbors.
  2. Great and creative character designs.
  3. The 3D CGI animation is very sketchy and zany.
  4. The characters are very unique and likable in their own way.
  5. Doomagedon, the group's pet, plays a perfect straight man and foil to the group's plans.
  6. Decent voice acting.
  7. A lot of the plots for the episodes are very hilarious such as the team trying to lose a race just so their opponent can win their car.
  8. The theme song is very catchy.
  9. A lot of great slapstick and humor.

Bad Qualities

  1. While the premise is creative and unique, the premise involving villains being portrayed as the protagonist had already been done a couple of times before such as in Invader Zim, Villainous and Evil Con Carne.
  2. The 3D CGI animation can feel outdated at times.
  3. The voice acting, while not too bad, can be distracting at times.
  4. The animation frequently reuses assets and models for background characters or object (the only difference is color changes and textures) which can be distracting.