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Leaks in the Neighborhood (El Chavo Animado)

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Leaks in the Neighborhood (El Chavo Animado)
Las Goteras.png
Wow, after how terrible was Fresh Egg, we finally have a good episode of El Chavo Animado without being of the first two seasons.
Series: El Chavo Animado
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 95
Air Date: May 5, 2011
Previous episode: Martial Arts
Next episode: Mrs. Worthmore's Serenade

Leaks in the Neighborhood (Las goteras in the original) is the episode 17 of the fourth season of El Chavo Animado.

Why It Rocks

  1. Unlike other episodes from season 3 onwards, this one tries to put a humor more identical to the original show, something too good for an episode of the fourth season.
  2. Nor is there much unnecessary filler as in other episodes from the third season onwards.
  3. The beginning is pretty cool as we see in Chavo's imagination, Justiciero Enmascarado and Chavo trying to save Paty, Quico and Popis like superheroes until the rain comes out.
  4. Some entertaining and funny scenes:
    • When Don Ramón moves his sofa from one side to the other because of the leaks.
    • When Doña Clotilde's TV soap opera is drowned in water (Although it's unrealistic) and she's electrocuted while trying to fix the TV.
    • When Chavo knocks on the door and Señor Barriga falls because of the blow.
    • When the kids tries to make pottery with the waterproofing.
    • When Don Ramón tries to trap and kill a fly while Señor Barriga explains about waterproofing.
  5. Quico and Don Ramón in this episode are funny as in the original series.
  6. Unlike Mr. Raymond's Pizza Delivery or A Mountain Very Very Very Very Higher, the kids are punished for playing with the waterproofing. This refers to the next point to come.
  7. Good and Funny Ending: The kids waterproof the roofs as a punishment after using up the previous waterproofing and Don Ramón and Jaimito are seen trapped and stuck in the waterproofing, asking for help.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Doña Florinda is still unlikeable in this episode as usual in the cartoon.



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