Legend Hero Samgugjeon (Legend Heroes The Three Kingdom)

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If you mix Kamen Rider Ryuki, And Gaim, But it is based off of a good book you get this but done right

Legend Hero Samgugjeon (레전드히어로 삼국전 Lejeondeu Hieolo Samgugjeon?, lit. "Legends Heroes the Three Kingdoms") Japanese: レジェンドヒーロー三国伝 (Rejendō Hīro Sangokuden), is a Korean tokusatsu television series. Produced by MoonWatcher and Synergy Media. The Series is broadcasted in EBS1.

Legend Hero Samgugjeon is heavily based off of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Many elements of the original story are carried over to the show. Many characters share names and attributes with characters of the original story. Several events in the show are also based on events in the classic story.

Why it Rocks

  1. it was based off of Romance of the Three Kingdom and it is faithful to the source
  2. The show ,is clearly inspired by Kamen Rider Ryuki and Gaim and it executes it very well
  3. Likeable characters like Liu Bei/Legend Hero Guan Yu, Xu Shu,Taeoh/Legend Hero Xiahou Dun
  4. The Dream Battle is a very good concept and executed very well
  5. The fights are very well choreographed
  6. Great Acting
  7. The first half of the finale is good but not the same can be said for the second half of the finale
  8. Awesome mechas
  9. Very good theme song

Bad Qualities

  1. It sometimes feels like a water downed version of Kamen Rider Ryuki with the winner of the dream battle getting his/her dream granted
  2. The other legend heroes dreams are generic or just silly
    • Liu Bei's dream is very generic to make everybody happy but still means well
  3. The second half of the ending is awful because the fight with Liu Bei, Taeoh, And Sun Quan was cut out and it is a Deus Ex Machina ending
  4. It aired concurrently with the god awful Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Ghost.



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