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Legend Quest

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Legend Quest
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The best thing to come out of the Las Leyendas franchise, and the rise of Ánima Estudios.
Genre: Action
Science fantasy
Urban Fantasy
Running Time: 24 minutes
Country: México
Release Date: February 24, 2017 – October 5, 2019
Network(s): Netflix
Created by: José Alejandro García Muñoz
Distributed by: Netflix
Starring: Benny Emmanuel
Mayté Cordeiro
Andrés Couturier
Ricardo O'Farrill
Johnny Rose (English dub)
Annemarie Blanco (English dub)
Oscar Cheda (English dub)
Paul Tei (English dub)
Cydney J. Fam (English dub)
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

Legend Quest (Las Leyendas in Spanish) is a 2017 animated fantasy comedy-horror streaming television series produced by Ánima Estudios, the same studio behind the eponymous Mexican animated franchise, and is distributed by Netflix. A second season by the name of Legend Quest: Masters of Myth (Las Leyendas: Creaturas Ocultas in Spanish) premiered on October 5, 2019.


When a gifted teen Leo San Juan, and the inhabitants of his Mexican village are attacked by a host of otherworldly creatures, Leo's ghostly friends Teodora, Don Andres, and Alebrije join him in a quest to foil an evil overlord who plans to eradicate mankind from the annals of history. They are aided in their mission by a band of powerful allies; an assortment of legendary creatures from around the world.

Why It Rocks

  1. Great animation for the standards of Ánima Estudios. This show demonstrates the true potential that the studio had when starting their international collaborations with other companies and putting an end to their dependence on Televisa. Aside from being completely fluid, it improves everything that was seen in the movies in an enthusiastically unexpected way.
  2. The intro is phenomenal and already shows off the impressive improvement in terms of animation.
  3. One of the most remarkable attributes to this show that already differentiates it from the movies is the incredible overhaul in the visuals, which now look more polished and show outstanding effort, essentially the background artwork which has a nice comic-Esque style put into it. The character designs look friendly, attractive, is easy on the eyes, and actually grasp variety between them, which was a demanding aspect that wasn't present in the movies, as these resorted to reusing the same template for nearly all main characters and background characters on screen, it became extremely tiresome very quickly, but this show finally got rid of that flaw.
  4. It's very faithful to the franchise itself.
  5. The revamped characters are far more likable, tolerable, funny and even memorable, thanks to their successfully gained development as the series progresses:
    • Leo San Juan starts off as a lonely, timid and precautious boy that's not very fond of adventure and thinks of himself as anything but a hero. This angst gradually fades away in later episodes thanks to a supplement of Leo's colleagues who motivate him to change and neglect that poor depiction of himself.
    • Teodora Villavicencio is formerly portrayed as a bratty and insufferable fashion diva, yet early on she proves to be a helpful member of the team and evokes great interest in cooperation.
    • Don Andrés reveals himself as a coward and a failure when it comes to facing off any problem, but with support from the team he retakes his knight role as he grows shocking bravery in various situations of a courage-demanding sort.
    • Alebrije's looks make him seem like a brainless comic-relief, but it doesn't take long for him to denote spectacular intelligence, resistance and loyalty.
    • Marcella is presented as a bland love interest for Leo's character, but as she spends more time with the team we get to witness her learning and refining of new skills.
  6. The concept of going on an adventure with mythological creatures from all over the world is very interesting.
  7. Fantastically blends suspense, horror, comedy, and mystery devoid of difficulty, which reminds of Hilda and Gravity Falls, other well-made animated shows of a related theme. Whenever this show wants to, it won't hesitate to get dark and disturbing. Stand out segments include 'The Mart' and 'Vodnik'.
  8. The designs of the monsters like the Jersey Devil, Medusa, Vodnik, The Kaiju and Fenrir are very awesome to look at. They not only stay true to the legends that they were based on, but also manage to spill some imagination and originality to their looks.

Bad Qualities

  1. Many serious segments feature comedy that doesn't fit in well with the sharp moments or revelations.
  2. While the animation and visual appeal improve a lot from the movies, the new Leo from Masters of Myth is strikingly inferior to the original and looks nowhere near as memorable as the classic Leo.
  3. Masters of Myth isn’t a truly sequel of the 2017's series.
  4. Evaristo in masters of myth is a useless addition even more than in the movies, not just that, he is a dislikable character here that hates his cousin Alebrije just because he ate his macaroon.



  • Enrique Ocampo, the animation director of the series, is also the animation director who produced the Chilean-Brazilian animated film Nahuel and the Magic Book.
  • Marvick Núñez directed some episodes, it’s the director of the movie The League of 5.


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