Linha Direta

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Linha Direta

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Genre: Journalistic program
Running Time: 60 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: March 29 - June 24, 1990 (first version)
May 27, 1999 - December 6, 2007 (second version)
Network(s): Rede Globo
Starring: Hélio Costa (1990)
Marcelo Rezende (1999-2000)
Domingos Meirelles (2000-2007)

Linha Direta was a Brazilian television program broadcast by Rede Globo, and aired on Thursday nights between 1999 and 2007. The program was dedicated to presenting crimes that happened in Brazil and whose authors would be fugitives from the justice. Initially it was presented by Marcelo Rezende in 1999 until 2001, when he left Rede Globo and was replaced by Domingos Meirelles in the presentation of the program, until the end of the program in 2007.

A first version of the program had already been produced in 1990, with the presentation of Hélio Costa. In this version, unlike the last, famous crimes were reconstructed, such as the "Carlinhos case", with unknown actors.

Why It Rocks

  1. The program showed current cases from that time when the program was aired, about criminals escaped from the law for their wicked crimes, reconstructed by the Globo Quality Standard.
  2. Because of the program, the program itself had the honor of arresting more than 380 criminals to the jail, thanks to the cases shown in the program, as well as the telephone number of the program where viewers reported the criminals who were shown on the program.
  3. Good hosting of the late Marcelo Rezende and Domingos Meirelles. Hélio Costa also deserves a special mention.
  4. Its special derivatives, Linha Direta Justiça and Linha Direta Mistério also showed famous criminal cases of the past decades that had repercussions and a big impact in Brazil, such as:
    • Linha Direta Justiça:
      • A Bomba do Riocentro (The Pump of the Riocentro)
      • A Chacina da Candelária (The Slaughter of Candelária)
      • A Primeira Tragédia de Nelson Rodrigues (The First Tragedy of Nelson Rodrigues)
      • Aída Curi
      • Ângela e Doca (Ângela and Doca)
      • As Cartas de Chico Xavier (The Letters of Chico Xavier)
      • Cabo Anselmo
      • Caso Carlinhos (Carlinhos Case)
      • Césio 137 (Cesium 137)
      • Chacina de Acari (Slaughter of Acari)
      • Chico Picadinho
      • Dana de Teffé
      • Febrônio, o Filho da Luz (Febrônio, the Son of Light)
      • Fera de Macabu (Macabou Beast)
      • Fera da Penha (Beast of Penha)
      • Frei Tito
      • Hosmany Ramos
      • Irmãos Naves (Naves Brothers)
      • Máscaras de Chumbo (Lead Masks)
      • O Bandido da Luz Vermelha (The Red Light Bandit)
      • O Caso Ana Lídia (The Ana Lídia Case)
      • O Caso Mengele (The Mengele Case)
      • O Caso Mônica Granuzzo (The Mônica Granuzzo Case)
      • O Castelinho da Rua Apa (The Castle of Rua Apa)
      • O Crime da Mala (The Crime of the Suitcase)
      • O Crime do Sacopã (The Crime of Sacopã)
      • O Incêndio do Gran Circus Norte Americano (The Big Circus North American Fire)
      • O Naufrágio do Barco Bateau Mouche (The Bateau Mouche Ship Wreck)
      • O Roubo da Taça Jules Rimet (The Jules Rimet Cup Theft)
      • Os Crimes da Rua do Arvoredo (The Crimes of Rua do Arvoredo)
      • Van-Lou
      • Vladmir Herzog
      • Zé Arigó
      • Zuzu Angel
    • Linha Direta Mistério:
      • Experiência de Quase Morte/EQM (Near Death Experience/NDE)
      • O Enigma do Edifício Joelma (The Enigma of the Joelma Building)
      • Operação Prato (Operation Dish)
  5. Awesome theme songs, with the normal Linha Direta even had a Rock version of their theme song in the 2002-2004 intro, while Linha Direta Mistério theme song is the same of Linha Direta, but played on the organ.
  6. The reconstructions of the cases presented in the program with some well-known actors were well done.
  7. It is considered one of the best police investigation programs on Brazilian television, as well as one of the scariest programs, but nevertheless one of Rede Globo's most remembered programs of its history.

Bad Qualities

  1. Due of its content involving death, murder, violence, fires, crimes, kidnapping, spiritual things, disappearances, revenge, etc. in the cases shown in the program, this caused trauma and fear for some people who watched the program.
  2. It was unjustly cancelled in 2007, according to Globo: "Regarding the manifestations of entities linked to Human Rights for the continuity of the Linha Direta program - due to its recognized public interest, we inform that Rede Globo has adopted the season system. Even with proven success and importance, the programs have their exhibition suspended, undergoing a reassessment for a new future exhibition." Unfortunately, the program never returned to the channel's programming as a result.
  3. Some cases like The Murder of Daniella Perez unfortunately never aired into the program, due for the program avoiding airing cases of famous or rich people.


  • After Marcelo Rezende left the program, originally José Luiz Datena was considered to replace Marcelo Rezende in the program, but however, at that time he was hosting Cidade Alerta at RecordTV, due to him or Globo did not want to pay a termination fine to RecordTV.


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