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Linus Tech Tips is a Canadian Youtube channel created by Linus Sebastian in 2007. Originally an cheaper offshoot of the NCIX channel (defunct), the channel became independent under Linus Media Group which founded in 2013.

Why it Rocks

  1. The show provides detailed reviews about the latest tech products.
  2. Several great series were made from this channel, including "Scrapyard Wars", "7 Gamers 1 CPU" and "Handy Tech Under $100".
  3. The show's quality is still consistent, even after years of showing.
  4. They made really good coverage of current shows like the CES.
  5. The show has several spinoffs, such as Techquickie is also a really great guide about some tech terms, and Techlinked, which gives the latest news about tech.
  6. The show also has its own forums, which viewers can discuss about the latest tech, problems and everything else.
  7. Linus himself, alongside with the other hosts like Luke and Riley, have deeply dedicated to this show, making the show worthy to watch.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sometimes, the show is quite biased with Intel and Nvidia products (here's an exception).
  2. Most thumbnails are kind of clickbait.
  3. And yes, Linus likes to drop things.