Lisa's Little Sister (Gaspard and Lisa)

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Lisa's Little Sister
A Big Brother Caillou done right.
Episode Number: 52
Previous episode: Our Best Christmas Ever

Lisa's Little Sister is the 51th episode of Gaspard and Lisa and the last one of the series.


Lisa remembers how she felt neglected when her little sister was born, until she realized that she'll always be special to her mom.

Why Lisa Is A Good Big Sister

  1. For being the last episode of the series, it's a nice touch.
  2. Unlike the other episodes that last 10 minutes, this one lasts 20 minutes which is totally justifiable due to the plot of the episode.
  3. Funny and great moments like when Lisa in the school got distracted talking with Gaspard when combining the color green using a lot of blue, when Gaspard and Lisa are with Lisa's grandma and or when Gaspard and Lisa see Lila sleeping in her crib.
  4. In this episode, Victoria is much more likeable than usual in the show.
  5. Lisa is cute and likeable (Although also too insistent) when she wants to give Lila a dinosaur hat.
  6. The lullaby that Lisa sings to put her sister Lila to sleep is very sweet. Also when her mom and dad sing, respectively.
  7. Good moral: It gives a moral to the children that we must learn to get used to when a new family member arrives and also that our mothers will never stop loving us no matter how many children they have.

Bad Qualities

  1. Victoria was a little mean to Lisa for having grabbed her stuffed animals for Lila without asking her first and the fact that Lisa gets angry about it is completely understandable and justifiable.
  2. Lisa becomes unlikeable when she sees her newborn sister.


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