Little Pollon

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Little Pollon
Little Pollon.jpg
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: Approx. 24 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: May 6, 1982 - March 26, 1983
Network(s): Fuji TV
Created by: Hideo Azuma
Distributed by: Enoki Films
Starring: Masako Miura
Keiko Yamamoto
Akio Nojima
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 46

The Story of Little Goddess Roly-Poly Pollon (or just Little Pollon) is a Japanese animated series based on the 1977 manga Olympus no Pollon (Pollon of Olympus).


Set in Ancient Greece, the series followed the titular Pollon, daughter of Apollo the Sun God, as she yearns to become the Goddess of Hope. To do this, She must perform good deeds to those around her, which often backfire comedically, but in the end, she manages to solve each problem.

Why It Rocks

  1. It is very faithful in its portrayal of the Gods of Mount Olympus, depicted as succumbing to real human faults such as selfishness and vanity.
  2. Speaking of that, it preaches good messages about overcoming these flaws.
  3. Pollon herself is a very endearing protagonist; though naïve, she is ultimately a very sweet girl who does her best to make things right and never gives up.
  4. Many of the other characters like Pollon's family (which include Apollo, Eros, Zeus, Hera, etc.) and the other Gods (like Poseidon, Dionysus, and even Hades) are very funny for their traits and quirks.
  5. Cute and charming tone.
  6. Decent soundtrack.
  7. Lush backgrounds and character designs that fit with the setting well.
  8. Ended on a great and dignified note with Pollon earning the title of the Goddess of Hope.
  9. Eros is a great, likable and funny character, and is more lovely important than Pollon.

Bad Qualities

  1. Pollon's tone deaf singing can grate on the ears.
  2. Except at times Pollon that she really loves Eros, nobody loves Eros himself that he's more or less important of the Gods.
  3. Zeus is an more much unlikable character, to annoying everyone, especially his wife Hera.
  4. Apollo can be a little too mean-spirited towards Pollon on times (partially because he's a drunk).
  5. Bad and annoyed tone.
  6. Bad dialogue at times.
  7. Positivity turned more negativity at times, despite the characters are considered true unlikable.
  8. Little Pollon is considered one of the most overrated and forgettable 80's anime shows.
  9. The Italian dub is unfaithful. In fact, it unsucceeded in making Pollon a cultural icon over there.


  1. Although the American branch of Enoki Films has the North American rights to the series, neither an English dub or sub has surfaced. This likely is because of the subject matter, as it does depict death, alcoholism, and the occasional perverted gags mainly directed at Pollon.
  2. It received a cult following in Europe. As stated above, it was wildly popular not just in Italy but it was also successful in other European countries such as France and Spain.


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