Lizzie McGuire

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Lizzie McGuire
"But we get one step closer each and every time. We’ll figure it out on the way."
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22–24 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: January 12, 2001 – February 14, 2004
Network(s): Disney Channel
Created by: Terri Minsky
Starring: Hilary Duff
Adam Lamberg
Jake Thomas
Hallie Todd
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 65

Lizzie McGuire was a Disney Channel original series. It first aired on from January 12, 2001 to February 14, 2004 and it was created by Terri Minsky.


Lizzie McGuire has great friends, a great family and even great foes. Get inside her head.

Why It Rocks

  1. Incredible premise.
  2. Great acting, especially from Hilary Duff.
  3. Some likable characters such as Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo.
  4. The animated version of Lizzie was a pretty good idea, as if she was to get her animated series.
  5. Good intro.
  6. Passable and heartwarming moments.
  7. It spawned a film called The Lizzie McGuire Movie, which wrapped up the series well and Lizzie finally gets together with Gordo.
  8. It uses Lizzie's animated consciousness to portray her real feelings in situations where she's too kind to grow a spine, something we can all relate to.
  9. Animated Lizzie's snarkiness is hilarious and fun to watch, even for those who normally don't like Disney's sitcoms.
  10. It often caters to both genders by having the girls occupy the main plot while having Gordo or Matt hold the B-plot.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some unlikable characters such as Matt and Kate.
  2. The show kind of ended too soon.


  • The show will be returning at Disney+ as a sequel to the original series, with Duff reprising her role.
  • This show was aired on Disney Channel on January 12, 2001, right after Zenon: The Zequel.