Lloyd in Space

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Lloyd in Space
Lloyd in Space.jpg
Homework. Girls. Anti-gravity.
Genre: Adventure
Science fiction
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: February 3, 2001 – February 27, 2004
Network(s): Toon Disney
One Saturday Morning
Created by: Paul Germain
Joe Ansolabehere
Distributed by: Buena Vista Television
Paul & Joe Productions
Starring: Courtland Mead
April Winchell
Nicolette Little
Justin Shenkarow
Pamela Adlon
Bill Fagerbakke
Brian George
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 39

Lloyd in Space is a 2001-2003 American animated television series, created by Recess co-creators Joe Ansolabehere and Paul Germain, and premiered in 2001 on ABC-TV on Saturday mornings. The pilot was written by Ansolabehere, Germain and Mark Drop. The characters were designed by Eric Keyes.


From the creators of Recess, comes a series set in the far future, shortly after the end of World War IX. The show tells the continuing saga of Lloyd Nebulon a green-skinned alien (of the Verdigrean race) with strange ears and a single antenna sticking from his head. Lloyd lives in the Intrepidville Space Station along with his telekinetic and telepathic sister Francine and his mother, Commander Norah Li Nebulon, the Head of Intrepidville. Lloyd's friends are Eddie R. Horton (a red-haired teenage human), Kurt Blobberts (an enormous purple blob with a single eyeball and simple intelligence, of a species known as the Blobullons), and Douglas McNoggin (a giant brain with arms, feet, eyes and a mouth, of a species known as the Cerebellians). Other characters include Station (the station's computer). Mrs. Bolt (Lloyd's cranky robot teacher), and Brittany (Lloyd's on and off girlfriend).

Why It Rocks

  1. The character designs are awesome.
  2. The main, titular character, Lloyd Nebulon, is likeable and cute.
  3. Many episodes in the show are creative and unique.
  4. Beautiful and colorful animation that's almost as good as the same creators of Recess.
  5. The intro is great. Watch it here.
  6. The backgrounds are good.
  7. Kurt was big, but still awesome.
  8. Intrepiville is extremely likeable.
  9. You can watch full episodes on Internet Archive!
  10. It ended with a episode titled The Ride Along, which was just as good.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some bad episodes like "Caution, Wormhole!", "Android Lloyd" & "Big Brother Kurt"
  2. Some unlikable characters such as Francine.
  3. The episode “Daydream Transceiver” was a complete disaster.