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"Fragging bastich!"
Genre: Adult Animation
Black Comedy
Surreal Comedy
Science fiction
Running Time: 3 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: June 15th, 2000 – October 2000
Created by: Boyd Kirkland
John P. McCann
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Greg Eagles
Kevin Michael Richardson
Tom Kenny
Grey DeLisle
Dee Bradley Baker
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 14

Lobo is an American adult animated television series based on the DC comics character of the same name that premiered on Warner in June 2000.


A skiptracer named Lobo hunts down wanted criminals throughout the Galaxy. In the first five episodes, he chases down Sunny Jim, an escaped con with a smiley face and that they made a bet to see which one could have sex with a waitress first. The next story arc has Lobo trying to rescue Sniff’s brother from prison. The final story arc has Lobo tracking down Mudboy in exchange for paying his rent and getting his bike.

Why it Rocks

  1. Filled with hilariously graphic deaths.
  2. Lobo is more comic book accurate compared to his appearance on Superman: The Animated Series. For example, several scenes show him regenerate his organs after injuries.
  3. Great voice acting by Greg Eagles, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey Griffin, Tom Kenny and Dee Bradley Baker.
  4. It is the first adult animated show based on DC Comics, predating Harley Quinn by 19 years.
  5. Lobo says “frag” frequently. Fragging awesome! He also says “bastitch” and “Feetal’s Gizz”.
  6. Sunny Jim’s face appears in a scene of Suicide Squad.
  7. The show isn’t afraid of the character’s mature content such as sex and swearing. It’s rated TV-MA for a reason.
  8. The dialogue is memorable.
  9. The interactive segments are fun to play.
  10. Unlike fellow DC flash cartoon Gotham Girls, Lobo was able to try something different for older audiences.
  11. All of the alien designs are creative.
  12. The art style is very faithful to the comics.
  13. Hilarious pop culture references to Deep Throat, Total Recall, Star Trek, Army of Darkness, AC/DC, KISS and The Ten Commandments.
  14. Major Snake and Slaz are good representation of a gay couple in an early 2000s cartoon. There is also a non-binary alien at a restroom.
  15. This helped break the stereotype of DC cartoons usually being family friendly.
  16. While the animation is bad and limited, it worked effectively for the MBA, a race of alien zombies.
  17. The background music is quite good. It’s similar to AC/DC and Metallica.
  18. The unlikeable characters like Sunny Jim are executed well.
  19. The crude animation compliments the adult oriented South Park-like tone.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sunny Jim and Fat Whutzat don’t appear in the comics.
  2. The voice actors for Lobo and Sunny Jim are inconsistent.
  3. The animation didn't age well.
  4. The episodes are too short, clocking around 3 minutes.
  5. The audio quality isn’t good.
  6. Darlene Spritzer is a blonde Human instead of a redhead humanoid like in the comics.
  7. There is some toilet humor including where Lobo and Sniff have a farting battle and where a few characters visibly vomit.
  8. Lobo can be somewhat mean-spirited.
  9. The Oblivion episodes didn’t have enough time to explain how Lobo got his bike back.
  10. Some jokes can be offensive, such as where the Ten Commandments are found in the Snake’s vomit.



  1. The show was originally going to be family-friendly and on TV, which thankfully got cut to a TV-MA rated show that fits with the source material.
  2. Stan Lee said that Lobo is his favorite DC character.
  3. Grey Griffin forgot she voiced in it.
  4. The show produced some memes such as "This is crap!" and Lobo saying "frag" can be used to replace F-bombs.
  5. The show is heavily debated whether it is part of the DCAU, especially the fact that this show is TV-MA. A resurfaced interview from Boyd Kirkland confirmed that the show isn’t part of the DCAU.