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Lobo is an American animated television series based on the DC comics character of the same name that premiered on Warner Brothers.com in June 2000.


A skiptracer named Lobo hunts down wanted criminals throughout the Galaxy.

Why The Show Rocks

  1. Filled with hilariously graphic deaths.
  2. Great voice acting by Greg Eagles, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey Griffin, Tom Kenny and Dee Bradley Baker.
  3. It is the first adult animated show based on DC Comics, predating Harley Quinn by 19 years.
  4. Lobo says “frag” frequently. Fragging awesome!
  5. Sunny Jim’s face appears in a scene of Suicide Squad.
  6. The show isn’t afraid of the character’s mature content such as sex and swearing.

Bad Qualities

  1. None of the additional characters except Darlene don’t appear in the comics.
  2. The voice actors for Lobo and Sunny Jim are inconsistent.
  3. The animation didn't aged well.


  1. The show was originally going to be family-friendly and on TV, which thankfully got cut to a TV-MA rated show that fits with the source material.


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