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Partageons ce rêve idéal, réunis sous une bonne étoile ! (Reach the stars, we'll make you fly!)
Genre: Fantasy
Magical girl
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: October 18, 2014 – March 2, 2017
Network(s): France 3
Disney Channel
Canal Panda (Portugal)
Gloob (Brazil)
Prime Video
Created by: David Michel
Jean-Louis Vandestoc
Distributed by: Zodiak Kids
Starring: Kazumi Evans
Ashleigh Ball
Tabitha St. Germain
Kelly Sheridan
Vincent Tong
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52

LoliRock is a French animated (anime-influenced) television series produced by Marathon Media and Zodiak Kids with the participation of France Télévisions and The Walt Disney Company France. It was created by Jean Louis-Vandestoc and written by Madellaine Paxson. It first aired in France on October 18, 2014 on France 3, and has expanded to television channels in Europe. It was also streamed on Netflix. So far, there hasn't been any announcement regarding a third season.


Iris is a teenage girl who likes to sing and help others. However, when she sings, strange events happen. Encouraged by her best friend Nathaniel, Iris auditions for a girl rock band, but ends up destroying the room and is later attacked by two strangers. The judges at the audition, Talia and Auriana, come to help her, and they explain to her that she is actually a princess with magical powers who must save her kingdom of Ephedia from the clutches of Gramorr, who has taken it over. The only way to save it is to master her powers and to find the Oracle Gems of the Royal Crown of Ephedia, which have been scattered across the Earth. Over the course of the series, the three girls try to live as both ordinary teenagers as well as rock stars of the all-female band "LoliRock", while training Iris in secret and gathering the gems. But when Gramorr sends twin siblings Praxina and Mephisto to fight them and summon monsters to cause chaos, the girls must work together as magical girl warrior princesses.

Pourquoi c'est LoliRocks (Why It LoliRocks)

  1. Likable characters like our main protagonists Iris, Auriana and Talia. As well with Carissa and Lyna, Talia's sister, Izira, Nathaniel, Doug and Aunt Ellen.
  2. Awesome and threatening villains like Gramorr, Praxina and Mephisto.
  3. Beautiful and colorful animation, which had involvement of Inspedia from Malaysia, that brings a touch of magic to the series.
  4. Cutesy character designs, being inspired and influenced by Japanese anime character designs.
  5. Good voice acting, especially from the Canadian-English dub voices of Kazumi Evans, Tabitha St. Germain and Ashleigh Ball.
  6. Amaru is very fluffy.
  7. The transformation scenes are incredible a la Sailor Moon.
  8. Good episodes like the episode "Shanila Surprise", when Iris realizes she has short hair, but in reality, she is going through Shanila.
  9. The battle scenes are very well made.
  10. Great songs, including the the series' theme song, "Higher".
  11. The final episode, Crowning Glory, Part II, was amazing and triumphant, where Iris and her friends finally defeat Gramorr, she finally reunites her parents after many years in Ephedia and most importantly, where Praxina becomes evil than ever, when she puts on the remainder of the Gramorr's mask, to take revenge for the death of her brother Mephisto, for a possible hook for a plot in Season 3.

Bad Qualities

  1. The series' ended in a cliffhanger in Season 2, with Praxina transforming herself into multiple dark butterflies in mid air in front of the moonlight and flying above the town on planet Earth. To date, a Season 3 has yet to be announced for unknown reasons.
  2. "Talia and Kyle Sitting in a Tree" is considered the weakest episode of the series, due to the weak premise about Talia and Kyle's relationship, mainly because of Kyle's stalker-ish behavior in the episode.
  3. The first word in the title might offend some people.


  • The main references to the main protagonists Iris, Auriana and Talia were Taylor Momsen, pop singer Ariana Grande and Amber Stevens West.
  • The references to the show's magical girl and music career parts were Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure and Jem and the Holograms.
  • Auriana's original name was Aurora.
  • Originally, Mephisto and Praxina were going to be the nephews of Gramorr.
  • Head writer Madellaine Paxson previously worked in Power Rangers RPM in 2009.
  • Only Season 1 was dubbed in Brazil, due to the channel that aired the series in Brazil, Gloob never aired Season 2.
  • The series was never aired in all Spainsh-speaking countries of Latin America and even dubbed in Latin American Spainsh. It was only dubbed in European Spainsh and was aired in Spain.


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