Long Live The Kings (Pair of Kings)

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Long Live The Kings (Pair of Kings)
An awesome finale is what an awesome show deserves.
Series: Pair of Kings
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 21-22
Air Date: February 18, 2013
Writer: Dan Cross
David Hoge
Director: David Kendall
Previous episode: Meet the Parents

Long Live The Kings is the 21-22nd and final episodes of Season 3 of Pair of Kings and the 66-67th episodes overall, as well as the series finale.


Part 1

The Bat Medallion that Boz hid in Rebecca's apartment has dragged Rebecca to Kinkow. When Mikayla confiscates the Bat Medallion, Kutamungo captures her and the Bat Medallion in order to revive the Tarantula People's leader Kaita the Bat-Rider. The kings' fear of Kaita the Bat-Rider turns into revenge when they discover the evil Kaita is responsible for their father's death.

Part 2

With Kaita the Bat-Rider at large with his army of undead zombies, Mason and Mikayla use a forcefield to give them time to devise a counter-attack against Kaita's army. Boomer and Boz also have an encounter with the ghosts of their parents, who encourage them to use their bond to defeat Kaita the Bat-Rider.

Why They Both Rock

  1. Even without Brady, this is a pretty epic and awesome finale of the show.
  2. There was The Bat Medallion Boz left in Rebecca’s apartment, that would lead to Rebecca being dragged to Kinkow. While Rebecca was here, she regained her memories, that lead to her remembering and reuniting with Boomer, which was heartwarming, and helped fight alongside the kings’ army.
  3. The part where Kaita the Bat-Rider came back was intense and he let’s you know he’s the biggest villain on the show.
  4. There are some funny moments in this episode, such as the brothers eating bugs for survival and Lanny’s overreactions.
  5. Lanny is definitely at his best in this episode, as he grows nicer, especially to Catawampus after he helped save Lanny, and Lanny also helped fight alongside the kings’ army.
  6. The undead zombie army of Kaita was scary and also pretty awesome.
  7. The flying creatures Boz, Boomer, and Kaita used were also pretty awesome.
  8. Mikayla and Mason are also still great here, as they help fight alongside the kings’ army, and they help out the king brothers themselves.
  9. Boz and Boomer had some emotional problems during the episode, but thanks to encouragement from their friends and the spirits of their parents, they managed to overcome them to take down Kaita together with their loving bond.
  10. It was nice to see the king brothers’ parents in this episode, their spirits, it was awesome and they had heartwarming moments with their sons.
  11. All of the allies the brothers’ had throughout the series all joined together to help them take down Kaita, which is awesome.
  12. The final battle was pretty climatic, and had a satisfying ending with Kaita being defeated.
  13. A good ending where after Kaita’s defeat, the island is restored to normal, and everyone celebrates, including the brothers, who had a heartwarming moment.
  14. This episode was a good way to end the series.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. There were several things left unanswered in this finale, such as Yamakoshi, Brady, The Lady Of The Cave's painting of Boomer and Brady, and the fact that since the Dark Side was so close to The Castle, Zadoc should also be free from the stone. This also left the viewers in confusing of the Kings of Legend.