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Loose Tooth (Mr. Pickles)

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Loose Tooth (Mr. Pickles)
Loose Tooth.png
"My tooth is loose!"
Series: Mr. Pickles
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: October 26, 2014
Writer: Will Carsola
Dave Stewart
Sean Conroy
Director: Will Carsola
Previous episode: Dead Man's Curve
Next episode: Grandpa's Night Out

Loose Tooth is the 6th episode of Season 1 of Mr. Pickles and the 7th episode overall.


Tommy sets out with Mr. Pickles to lose his tooth so he can meet the Tooth fairy. Meanwhile, the Sheriff searches for a group of wanted pedophiles.

Why It Rocks

  1. The characters are more likable than usual, especially Tommy.
    • Mr. Pickles is also tolerable for the most part.
  2. This episode is well-written unlike most of the episodes.
  3. The voice acting is better than usual.
  4. Some funny moments in the episode, such as Linda taking fruits and vegetables from the farmer (which he deserves after making Timmy feel sad).
  5. Mr. Pickles’ actions are actually justified in this episode, as he shows he cares about Tommy and the other children in the town very much, and pedophiles are bad adults who have messed-up attractions to children, so that’s why he murders all of the pedophile who kidnapped Tommy to protect him, and he also stabs both eyes of another pedophile, which would pay off in the end as the pedophile was then arrested by the sheriff due to blindness and being tricked.
  6. The side plot with Stanley trying to find a bathroom to use is pretty funny.
  7. The way Mr. Pickles kills his victims in this episode is in a creative way.
  8. It was sweet for Mr. Pickles to have Tommy still believe in the tooth fairy, not wanting to crush the kid’s spirits. He does so by using the scarecrow as the tooth fairy for the video footage, and gives the blood bank the blood of his victims and put the money he got under Tommy’s pillow.
    • Henry also went along with it so his grandson’s spirit would still be alive instead of exposing Mr. Pickles.
  9. Good and funny ending: The pedophiles’ crimes have come to an end (as the others were killed and the only one left got arrested). At the Goodman’s home, everyone, including Tommy very happily, told about their day. Tommy also used his money to fix his Dad’s truck, which was nice of him. When Mr. Pickles brought the juicer, Linda came up scaring everyone and taking the juicer and running away, which was hilarious. Linda’s scare made Stanley pee his pants, which was pretty funny. Then, Henry points to Mr. Pickles, who has Henry’s dentures in his mouth with a pickle, which was decently funny.

Bad Qualities

  1. There is some gross out humor, like Linda being sick in the beginning, and the pee trap the Sheriff set.
  2. The farmer letting down Tommy’s spirits by telling him the tooth fairy is not real was very mean-spirited.
  3. While still likable, Henry is still kind of a butt-monkey, as Mr. Pickles had the crows steal his dentures.
    • What’s worse is that the last scene had Henry tied up to where the scarecrow was and that the birds had doll heads on them, and the scarecrows poop the demon circle on Henry’s stomach, which scared Henry, and also scared the Farmer away.